"The future ain't what it used to be."

Visitor from 2134



Because of the nature of this board, I thought you all might like to know that there are currently over 25 visitors from the 22nd century residing in northern North America. Most of us have exiled ourselves here because of the severe environmental and political conditions of our own time. The remainder are simply interested in late 20th century culture. Since none of you will choose to believe me and will soon forget about this posting, ( I know because I checked the historical record before I left) I feel quite safe in filling you in on a few details concerning the next century. The second American civil war will commence in 2087 after a black/spanish speaking majority will revive the confederacy of southern U.S. states and vote to secede from the union. After 3 years of intense fighting, with millions of deaths and massive amounts of supportive intervention from the United Republics of South America, and the Confederation of African States, hostilities will cease with the signing of the Treaty of Cape Town in 2090. The following year the President of the Northern United States of America will receive the Nobel Smithson prize for refusing to use nuclear weapons during the course of the war.
I dont think this is true, But lets just say it is.

Would it be Possible for this person to check records before leaving (As Stated), Because the return in time hadn't actually happened until the message (Re Civil War) was Placed.

So for this person to be real & genuine, Wouldn't they have to travel back to 1999, Post the message on this board (Re: Civil War), then travel back to the future to check if the message had any impact.



You left out the part when Sean Roget, Quebec's ambassador to Washington, is asasinated by a Confederalist hit man early on in 2087. This triggered the retaliation of the nation of Quebec against the Confederacy in alliance with Washington as per the accords in the Treaty of Montreal. Heck guy, ya left out the most important event that started the whole thing. I'm not sure I should believe you at all.
Tell us something that is going to happen in the next 2 weeks that is eventful and could prove your contention. I can predict something...
there is a good chance that you will be asked to be a guest on Art Bells Radio Program.
You should feel especially fortunate.

It's over fifty years since the mysterious solar collapse and we still haven't found the cause. It's been a topic of hot debate ever since, with some even blaming the early temporal matter displacement experiments. There is no evidence of this though, so you shouldn't feel unduly responsible.

These days we mostly limit temporal displacement to energy transmission and I am currently communicating through a relay station on 'my' Earth. Yes it's still there, but I'm afraid that it's a cold dead husk - The meagre rays of the white dwarf that Sol now is, are far too meagre to nourish the Earth as you know and knew it..

I feel fortunate that I wasn't born on Earth, but out here at Proxima 4.
I don't feel the same deep attachment to the place of our species's birth that some do. We go on though. Although millions died in the aftermath (How do you evacuate a whole planet in circumstances such as those?), some were saved. There are still some people living and working on Titan, and around the Jovian system (the mining goes on) and of course there's us and the colonies further afield.

Then there's our neighbours, but...I think...that's probarbly to much to absorb at once..maybe I'll tell you about them sometime..You'll be fascinated. UFOs, little grey men?..the late 20th century has no idea...
Re:Visitor from 2134?

Have you ever thought of becoming a fictional writer?
Re:Visitor from 2134 (JFK, Bruce Lee explained)

Jon, if you still have the powers to displace yourself at any point in time then I would like information that will dispell the myths surrounding the deaths (or faked deaths) of the following people:

ELVIS PRESLEY (at last!)
I suggest you be present at each event if possible.
please report your findings on this forum page.
Yours in time , Anon.
Re:Re:Visitor from 2134

Who would have thought that our classic grammatical errors still persist that far into the future! I'm amazed that they even understand us hackney minded folks. 135 years into the future and they still cannot spell "meager" and use "to" instead of "too". Impressive stuff Jon.
Out of pure curiosity Jon, I have a question. How did rocketmail(Jon's e-mail server)manage to stay afloat for 135 years in the heated competition of free e-mail sevices? Oh, and since you are a time-traveling, knowing stuff about the future kind of guy....tell me this; Do the JAZZ, or PACERS(new era pacers)finally win a championship before I die? If they don't then please lie to me and tell me they do...I'll probably die before I find out you lied to me anyway.

So, you are in OUR time or you are in YOUR time? I got a little confused when you said that you were one of many such time refugees in the north of north america in our time but then you said after that that you were on some space station around your own Earth. It stands to reason that you are not in our time if you reside in an orbital space platform orbiting the Earth. Could you please clarify? Thanks.
Re:Re:Re:Visitor from 2134

Firstly I'm not Jon you twit.

Secondly I'm English. The English spell meagre, 'MEAGRE'. Look it up.
(I'm English and I speak the 'ENGLISH' language. Do you see the connection?) If you're American, you're simply ignorant of this. If you're English however, I feel ashamed to share the same landmass...

I have no idea what nationality you are actually, but I bloody well know how to spell 'MEAGRE'. Alright..

Thirdly, 'to' instead of 'too' was simply a typo. I really do apologise for offending your petty sensibilities, but some of us have other things on our mind as well. Check my use of 'too' earlier on.

I just have to wonder why you're willing to make such a petty tit of yourself by pointing these things out and making yourself an even bigger tit by not having your facts straight. I'm sorry, but you brought that upon yourself.

I'm sure that you're bursting to make a 'witty' comeback. My advice would be to think it through more carefully first, so as to avoid embarrassing yourself again.

PS..My last message was pure fantasy by the way, made up, fabricated, in the spirit of the message that I was replying to, did that escape you??

(Others please note: I mean no offence to Americans in general, but it's a bit rich to accuse an Englishman of mispelling words in the English language, because you have decided to spell them differently. I would hope that most people here, regardless of their nationality would respect this as I respect their language. Thanks.)
Re:Re:Re:Re:Visitor from 2134

To begin with, meagre is not the same word as meager. Here is the definition directly from the Webster's English dictionary......
<Meagre \Mea"gre\, n. [F. maigre.> (Zo<"o>l.) A large European sci<ae>noid fish (Sci<ae>na umbra or S. aquila), having white bloodless flesh. It is valued as a food fish. <Written also maigre.>.] If you'd like to claim that you have a greater mastery of your own language than others then please also take your own advice and research your rebuttal before posting it. In the body of my response it stated and was addressed to "Jon", whose further comments appeared to have been posted by him. If it was you who posted those responses and posted HIS name in it's place then I apologize for the sarcasm. If it were Jon who posted those remarks(and I had no reason to believe he had not...why would anyone perpetuate such drivel?)then those comments were to point out one of the many things that annoy me about those who claim to be temporal travellers.... they all make these assinine statements with misspelled words throughout. I, personally, would rather listen to the blathering of an intelligent delusional person than an ignorant one who cannot even spell. So even though I DO still believe that the english dictionary is more accurate than you in determining how to spell english words I was not directly attempting to offend YOU, but to point out some flaws in our time traveller's story. I apologize vehemently.
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Us Americans here in Hawaii REALLY get far away from English.

But den wer da furdes from England yeah yeah?

S'hard ta stay jiggy wit it wen da source so fer 'way.

Aloha & Mahalo
(Greetings and Thank you)
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I feel that we're digressing from temporal mechanics here? Let's get back to business please.
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Please see "For all the 'urine extractors' out there' posting above. The subsequent replies offer a really touching conclusion to this dispute

Quick quiz. If you are really from 2134, who are the shonte.

I await your answer.
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Hey guy...It's a FICTION board.

If you want serious hard core science all the time, no humor, no play, try:


Stay on track in there or they'll REALLY let ya know about it.