"The future ain't what it used to be."

Visitors from the future



Hey, i guess there's an issue on that aliens.... those skinny, short freaks might be the visitors from the future. Yeah, I kinda believe that our future might eventually have something to do with them... Humans get smarter... brains get larger.... Machine completes our tasks.... our body gets more diminutive.... this speculation might well become true

But wat i wanna discuss today is not so much on our future transformation.... Okie, let me start with a well known fact.... ufos navigate our skies like a fish in the pond... so easily and without restriction and not even the state of art technology can detect them... it seems that they almost travel at the speed of light... in a glimpse and then disappear into the thin air...

I dunno if anybody had the same concept as me.... but those aliens seems like time travellers to me... i think of their lightning speed aircrafts as time machine... yeah... i think that their aircrafts might not be travelling as fast as we think... they r jus slicing past our space... our time... our dimension...

Now tat can be pretty hard to explain if u guys is not tuned into the 3 dimension and 4 dimension space concept... to slice past our time our space... it's like a time tunnel... when they r travelling into the tunnel... it happened that they passed by a location (in this case, our space) and then they carry on travelling and now at this point they would vanish into our future or past which we can't turn back or forth.... Hence we can't see them, take note... they r travelling in 4 dimensions, they r travelling at their space their time their speed (4th dimension), they can easily get out of our sight.... therefore the fact that they vanish so fast... it gives us the impression that they r flying fast...

This topic had always been on my mind... i hope u guys can share your experience and thinking with me... correct me if i'm wrong...
I believe you are right.Aliens couldnt phyisically transport themselves to this planet the distances are to great for any being that we percieve as even vaguely similar to ourselves.
But for Time Travellers from the very distant future where we have been subjected to some darwinian evolution . Smaller, Bigger heads, greenish from different or lack of sunlight.Explains everything very nicely.
U.F.Os etc. That wworks if we continue to explore the universe from our desks for generation after generation.These time travellers may not even be of the human race. Different sentient beings could develop in the millions of years still to come,that do not bear any relation to humanity.And they would be adapted to travelling through time better than our physical form which is limited to about 70 years or so.