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WANTED: The Where & When location of Dr. David Anderson!


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thought that it would be in the best interest of all interested in Dr. David Anderson's
"Time-Travel Research Center" website archives.
I have bisected some categories to enhance your search parameters.

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"Reversing Time at Sub-light Speed" (Part 1 of 3)

By David Anderson, Ph.D.

In this series of articles we will show a solution using a rotating cylinder model that demonstrates how time travel is possible within the context of general relativity. This solution clearly permits time travel and communication not only to the future, but also to the past. Most important, it will show how reverse time travel can be achieved without having to travel faster than the speed of light. The advanced computer simulations we have run at the Time Travel Research Center have confirmed this model as a valid approach for actual time travel to the past.

*Home Page

*Time Machines in our Future!...
Interview with David Anderson, Ph.D.
August 3, 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany

"Time-Travel Research Center" <Archives>
The site went down! Did Dr. Anderson depart through somwhere or when in Time? or was he silenced? who knows, but we have all of his
webpages archived here at our online way-back machine!

Please feel free to add any other articles, weblinks & comments, questions & concerns.

Last I was aware of, Dr. Anderson displayed a profound interest in one of our TAP-TEN member/associates Thomas Skeggs of the "Starchamber" website-
<Img Src=http://starchamberproject.org/media/starban1a.gif>
A Time-Travel independant researcher who just emailed me his request to sever our affiliations months before Dr. Andersons sudden disappearance prior to his website going off the net. Coincidence? HMmmmm???
<I sent thomas an email in regards to this, and will post his reply provided that he too, did not disappear through somwhere/when in "Time">

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<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
Anderson might be anywhere.

What does this matter to you, when you can rent the video, Time Machine, the remake and watch the same principles?

You posted,

<<rent the video, Time Machine, the remake and watch the same principles>>

Yes interestingly enough the light cone concept represent the Merkaba (sacred geometry) as well. I see after reading and viewing through some of the things on D. Anderson site on the T.w.T. that he utilizes this concept on geometrical magnetic stasis fields. His big endeavor is for use in the medical field for preserving organs and putting remission on diseases! all the better for us in utilizing this technology! But to what extent and new era will this technically evolve us to?

Creedo, I also read something very interesting in the above web sites involving Remote Viewing that had a way of explaining it scientifically of what unseen funtions are occurring and taking place.

Here was the article,

<<Recently I came across some Russian research into remote viewing. EM fields can effect what's known as the biophysical or bioplasmic fields which surround all organic objects including human beings. Russian remote viewers train their biophysical fields to detach from their physical body and send to remote locations.

Yet the study of biophysics has been carried out by the Russians for decades, yet its a subject that has gone un-noticed or even dismissed as a load of New-Age crap.

But according to British independent researcher Tim Rifat, his research into telekinesis, he has discovered that the psychokinetic effect is analogous to the electromotive force described in Maxwell's equation. In this equation force (F)=charge (q) X <electric field (E) + velocity (vq) X magnetic field (B)>.

Rifat suggests if you modify this equation for biophysical fields, you get: telekinetic force (T)=position vector of field in Riemann manifold (P) x <E analogue biophysical field (Z)>. <3> This suggests that biophysical fields maybe genuine.

There also exists some anecdotal evidence that EM radiation transmitted on frequencies between 425-450 Mhz are claimed to provide a window into human consciousness. <4>

Yet some more credible evidence was published in various magazines, who made references to a Project Pandora. A project set-up by the CIA to explore the effects of electromagnetic radiation on brain function. One of the leading figures on Project Pandora was Dr Ross Adey who carried out some research at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California. During the 1980s Dr Adey had carried some experiments using microwave carrier waves modulated with Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) modulations.

They discovered that a microwave carrier wave modulated between 6-20 Hz, not only produced entrainment, where the radio waves can cause the human brain to mimic the ELF modulations. It also caused the neurones to release calcium ions within the brain. The scientific term for this is calcium efflux <5>.

Research conducted by a collage of Dr R Adey, a C.S Blackman produced the largest calcium efflux results, when he used a 450 Mhz AM carrier wave, modulated by a ELF of 16 Hz, with a field intensity of 0.75mW/cm2.

Extensive Tests carried out in both America and Russia into remote viewing have shown that a high number of remote viewers experience an increase calcium efflux, which according to some results boost latent PSI-abilities. Many remote viewers practice mediation where they enter into the theta state of consciousness 4-7 Hz. (It's also claimed that many U.S and Russian military remote viewers usually enter into a theta state, before they begin remote viewing distance locations. (American remote viewers call this ERV-Extended Remote Viewing). <6>

So when my thumb torched the tip of the antenna, my body formed part of a electrical circuit and may act as load. My body was being internally exposed to a low-intensity UHF AM modulated field between 1-15 Hz.

This allowed my biophysical field to be repelled slightly by the low-intensity UHF AM field. This maybe due to the human body produces it's own electric and magnetic fields. The low-intensity UHF AM field may have boosted my electric and magnetic fields to slightly repel my biophysical field.

Russians scientists have spent decades researching the biophysical fields which appear to surround all living things. Most people when thinking or reading this page for example, you mind is in a Beta state. When you are alert, focused and concentrating on a task. When you are in the ordinary every day beta state, your biophysical self or field remains firmly attached to your physical body. But when remote viewers enter into a theta they teach their biophysical self or field to detach itself from their physical body, and they can send it to view remote locations.

The biophysical field then sends information back to the conscious mind of the remote viewer. How the information is transmitted and mechanisms involved is still not know, but some American researchers call it NBIT (Novel Biophysical Information Transfer), after studying research conducted by Soviet scientists during the Cold War. <7>>>

Hmmm, so what are your thoughts and evaluation of all this?

RE: Let me rub suntan lotion on your back, Ms. Producer CAT .

This scares me, as I have all of this apparatus built into me without haveing to go into any of these states.

I see Uncle Hitler going for the Gypsys, as well as a lot of other ethnic minorities, due to some of the skills that they had.

Did you know that about five of The Third Reich's leaders, were hidden half Jew?

Yes this was in the Jeff Rense web site and this had shocked the Hell out of me!

I don't get into Jewishness, as this event is a past event for me, however it seesm an active event for you, as all relations to God, are pan multiphased.

For me the charade is over and it's either go on to other planets, or we all die here on Earth.

I once speed osmosed the enitre Khoran, but the only thing that I came out of it was the rock and roll song, "Help I'm a rock", which tells me worlds about religion.

I'm gladd that I was no longer in 1982, as I could not live with myself today.

I don't understand the Jewish Arab conflict within its tennancy, as both of these factions are semetically based, so I don't venture into it.

I think that thing your trying to do, is to pick up my little version of a wrist watch, shake it and see which side the loyality falls, or how it can work.

In the past you and TTA have done this process destructivly so.

You don't have any idea what consiquences that you may have reaped upon yourselves, as every posting here, is either conquest, or trashing someone.

What happens when the U.S. Moves on Iraq?Will there be a vast biological agent releaced?

Does Saddam Hussien posess nuclear weapons and will the first thing that he will do, is launch his weapons on Isreal?

What about the estimaited 400 Isrally hydrogen bombs, what will they do with these and what contigual action will occur by other Arab nations when the Isrally nation launches?

Let's skip this crap, as you don't realite well to E.T.s.

Both you and TTA, pluss Son Of Babalon do not.

So let's skip this.
RE: CAT Uncle Hitler\'s all girl marching band, the lymric

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 09-Aug-02 AT 01:06PM (EDT)</font>

UNCLE H has been removed due to harrasment possabilities.

Consult MOP's master file, for coppy of this poem, please.
RE: Let me rub suntan lotion on your back, Ms. Producer CAT .

Hey Danny-boy, where you been hiding at
can’t you hear us knocking?

Can Danny come out and play Mrs.Creedo299?

After all, you did say you needed your mommy’s permission, did you not?

<<I think that thing your trying to do, is to pick up my little version of a wrist watch, shake it and see which side the loyality falls, or how it can work.
In the past you and TTA have done this process destructivly so..>>

Look Dan, I don’t need to try any trick to see where your loyalties lay. I know your perfectly capable of remote viewing and confirming it on your own, and you know that I am capable of just the same if not more. But you’ve had me wrong from the very beginning.

I am only interested in you doing the right thing, and not exploiting your ability, as I am with everyone else. You have no idea how many times I have to say to my self “Stop that” in a day, it’s automatic and spontaneous, but I have to discipline my self not to invade people’s lives at will just because I can.

For example; just because we have freedom of speech, does that instantly grant you any and all means to go and say anything, even if it is indecent, inappropriate and irresponsible? Sure, you can do and say anything you want. But the question is, not can you; but should you?

It may not be the most ethical thing to do? But do the risks of it’s consequences outweigh the gains? If it does, then you may consider that what you believe, to being a selfish motive for your actions.

What I am basically saying to you Daniel is that I am just wanting you to see a little human principle and morals to privacy and the right to keeping things to your self, if you can understand any of that stuff.

I remember that a long time ago you thought my loyalties were to the government and that I was a spy on this forum. You tried to scare me off your trail, so you made threats.

But you know what I think, when everything was all said and done, this went to show you that sometimes you can be wrong about people, and I know that deep down inside you don’t like to admit it to your self, but you know it’s the truth. And I can sense that you’re being torn between giving humanity a second chance (not to mention your own), and selling out to the Aliens.

Well I gotta go, I am on a very weak beta state at the moment
. I have been sleep deprived for a few days now, and damn it, I keep losing these great flashes of inspiration that I can really build something on. And losing them at those double-digits, and reading at how EM frequencies can mess with your thinking, doesn’t really bode well for me either.

RE: CAT Uncle Hitler\'s all girl marching band, the lymric


There is allot of rumors that fly around about hitler! I've even heard that the real reason he hated the Jews was because his own father was Jewish and left his mother! and than she was treated by a Jewish doctor and died.

And I know exactly what you are hinting at when you jump from one paragraph about hitler and than to the next paragraph about aliens! I've read so many countless stories about hitler being visited by aliens and that was the real source of where he got his genocide ideas!

If it wasn't for hitler there would not be a state of Israel today! Sometimes fate it seems is not without a sense of irony...

But I will tell you something hidden as well as factual that resides in the bible locked between the bible codes that foretold of hitlers reign and the Holocaust.

It comes from the book of Esther and the story of Purim regarding evil Hamen who wanted to annihilate the Jewish people. When Hamen was killed and the Jews were allowed to defend themselves, Queen Esther was asked by her husband the king what else can I do for you and she said tomorrow hang the 10 sons of Hamen.

Now if you open a Hebrew bible to the book of Esther you will notice that the ten names of Hamens sons can be found (in the Hebrew texts) (one on top of the other) (just like they were hung) But in the original Hebrew Bible you can also find little mini letter versions inbetween these 10 names which were found to symbolize 10 "FUTURE" sons of Hamen!

In 1946 the Nuremberg trial put 11 nazis on trial which ended in conviction and death sentences. One of them Gering (I think his name was cheated the gallows and committed suicide before he could be hanged!)


The last one of those 10 was a man by the name of Julius Striecher, he was the main man of the nazi regime! The news week magazine of October 28, 1946 reports foreign affair page 45. At the end of this article is one paragraph that says, only Julius Striecher went without dignity. He had to be pushed across the floor with wild eyes screaming hail hitler and mounting the steps he shouted out AND NOW I GO TO GD he stared at the witnesses facing the gallows and shouted PURIM FEST 1946!

Isn't that incredible! the last dieing words of this NAZI ANIMAL was PURIM FEST! Somehow consciously or subconsciously, he recognized that his own death was the culmination of the story of Purim where the 10 sons of Hamen were put to death!

The name of the year of 1946 in Hebrew coincides and equals up with the ten smaller names sandwiched inbetween the present names of the 10 sons of Hamen back in the Biblical day of Esther meaning, the date in which the Holocaust murderers where put to death and the modern 10 sons of Hamen were hanged!



Creedo aquesses to CAT on her points, howevewr encourages her to read Rense more closely.

Yes Creedo and CAT do see visions in the dark, howevewr differntly, let's leave it at that.

On TTA, he shows a certain level of schizophrenia, in a culturailly based way, expressing his alter-ego as he does.

So according to Sigmund Freud, in psychoanalysing the schizo-cocus, with the analytical, this would be to let him perform Tia Chee, in stripped baggy pajammas, with bright colored strands of spaghetti laced over him, within a controlled facility or charity ball, where he can display is well choriogrpahed political synchronicity.

Yes this is just and proper as his sudo schizo social base, may not have a viral or cocci based consituancy to this forsaid condition?


Which Rense are you refering to? Was it the recent (cut and paste jobber) posting on Rense by Babalon construing alien life and off world Skywalkers?

Whats left to arbitrate? care to navagate me in the dark?

RE: Creedo

You think I’m the one who’s schizo here?

Please Dan, if a vote were to be taken, you’d fall on the 90% margin of who people here believe to be schizophrenic and unstable.

Just because you know I can kick your ass at your own game, you don’t have to show how much of a bad sport you are :p.

If the TTA has any ego at all, it isn’t a very big one. For he is humble enough to admit when he’s been wrong, and sincerely acknowledges and recognize it.

Allow me to demonstrate: <<Tia Chee, in stripped baggy pajammas, with bright colored strands of spaghetti laced over him>>

I admit, I was practing Thi Chi the other day for a minute, but that was to focus my self for a task at hand. The same can be done by just closing ones eyes and breathing calmly to bring things into focus.

However your wrong about the pajamas. They are dark, not bright
. Nice try… But this just goes to prove my point about you all along.

Your like a little child Dan… Someone pisses you off or says anything bad about you, look at what you do? You invade their lives, and use it against them here. You are taking advantage of a very special ability and exploiting it at other people’s expense.

And by me just simply pointing it out, and you taking it with such hostility in hearing the truth, you retaliate, and only prove me right in the end.

The next move is yours Dan, show your age and choose wisely

RE: Creedo


OH HELLO, YES!!! Of course the Y Chromosome! hitler had a DNA mutation which lead to a difference in polymorphisms and a different haplotype! The rest of his DNA was pure junk!

He definetely had some evil mediclorian blood!!!

RE: Creedo

Yeah, now you’re under age. How convenient

It’s a wise move nevertheless Daniel
, seeing as how you know I’m right about you and everyone else knows it too. Answering me might implicate exposing your self even more.

Have a nice day

RE: History as it unfolded:

The Billy Meier case was intresting to start with, as the origionbal lure of the ambassadorial prose, was inviting to all.

This was the broadcast on Group Westinghouse Productions P.M. Magazine in the year 1981.

As time went on however there were flies detected within the ointment.

This was, that there was no clear defineing line, between the Pleiadeans that the Nazies knew and the Pleiadeans that Billy Meier knew.

They did time travel, however it is forbidden to take pictures from another erra, and bring them back to another secular time.

Timne travel is not so much forbidden, however the time travler must be schooled in how to time travel, so that they do not intereact with past present or future personell, unless there is a sanctioned expierment to do so.

The key years for biblical time recorded advantange, was the year 2001 on.

The U.S. within this said time recorded main division of time, did not capitolize on space travel, for its masses, so a police state was naturally fallen into.

How could any other course have been taken, when over half the Arab world, knew three months in advance, that the WTC Centers were going to be hit again and had profitted on stock sold short from this knowlege.

The old networks were in conflict and this is what the holders of power both east and west had wanted.

To this point in time, we also see Earth in danger of globbal meltdown of its relative poles, so aerial spraying, as noted in many many web sites, at this realtive time was used to keep the Earth cool, from false weather generaited systems.

The estimaited overall alien population held on Earth here at this time, is over two million.

These populations are divested in many, many differing sects of aliens from all over the cosmose, in governmentailly scantioned co-bases, as well as fee-lantz stationed bases, such as in remote parts of South America.

In some ways, the Earth is used as one big supermarket, for many types of aliens in order to get the items that they need.

So in reality Earth is atype of a way-station, for many offworlders to derive need items, before they go onto other destinations.

Humans are noted to be recogntion coded by the central sun.

This process is not fully understood by Earth's accepted scientist, however only the Ed Dames Remote Viewing team as well as the Navijho Indian Spirit Walkers, have both attested, that the central sun, has a type of inteligence and has to be reconed with.

The book Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library, was disavowled by Ptaah, the Pleiadean commander lociated in a intermoutain base by the Meier Farm, however some precepts of the Marcinack book, are very correct.Felt that Marcinacks book got too close to the truth, or some aspect of it, for Ptaah's likeing?

This is, that the sun is starting to go through an expansive stage and as radiation output increases, then so will drastic weather changes be forced on Planet Earth.

There is no assigned solidarity between Earthlings and most extraterrestials, however for Earthlings not to adopt an emergency escape plan, for relocation to other systems, almost is tantamont to certain suicide for Earth raced humans.

The telling within this section of board, that the unidentified rearing horse, in probable New York, which is a symbol of the United Nations attempted world government, tells of a time to come, when all life will be obliteriated here on Earth.

There was a bid ambassador, however this bid ambassador did fail in reaching any kind of agreement with any precept of formalized government, as formalized government had probably sold out to malevolent alien influences, long long ago.

So the jesture was superfluis.

To try to build great on a small second class planet, who's central sun is now going into an expansive phase, without the avarace of planned space travel, is foolishness.

The poster of this historical note can only surmise that in some fashion, that humans were allowed to flourish here, as a planned crop, to be used, and then let to perrish?

If there is a higher authority, then make your advice and presence known, please?

>Pleadian life span, is over one thousand years in time.

Pubesence is up to the age of fifty years of age.

Biotelecommunications in the realyment of critical in-body information by siblings, is binding and effective.
RE: To Time 0112

The location of Dr. Anderson is also superfluis data, as his expierments would yeald that light, or the presure of C, can be used as a scailer field tensor.

This is the same projected use as the simulaited twin kerrs, however with light pumped as super tensor C, over on itself, which adjust a super oblate tensor C, whithin T & S, time and space.

M+ is also refered to as space, as the boundaries of M= are stringed space or energy matter as divested in particles, so M= is really adjusted to as null space, not M.

So what did they use in the remake of the movie The Time Machine?

They use an over itself pumped light, which is made to be a super tensor and if a super-tensor is pronounced within this realm and made to hold a charge, then maintaining super C, to this reality, is then impossable.

What is funny about the new version of the light ship shown in the remake, is that to an extent, this model could actually work.

As Pam had said, one would have to jump start this rig so to speak, however only slightly modified, this time travel craft would work.

So the location of Anderson, is a superfluis issue.

The IRS might be intrested in him, however as t you had said T, remember, Dr. Anderson is governm,ent, so be cautious within this range.

All this info, is on T.V. and the movies any way, right there, for anyone to see, if they want.
T2112 ect,

Ja, I vood licht to know vere zie goot dockkkkktor ist too!

His web site always looked like one slick advertisement to me.
It does take me back in time though, back to "WHERE'S THE BEEF?"

Did this guy ever really exist in the first place? Didn't ever bother to show up here.

Hey inventors, rocket scientist, microbiologist and computer programers disappear all the time. Lawyers, now there is a safe job, who would want one? Anyway whats one Issac Newton more or less?

Have you filed a missing persons report yet?
RE: To Time 0112

Of Creedo

At the risk of being labled the slow one of the bunch and having to sit in the corner with only dunce cap and underwear I state the following: I think creedo is OFF TOPIC and full of adulterated do-do.

Hint; this is the Doc. Anderson thread, get it? Read the title again if you are not sure.

(But seriously if he doesn't drive a Delorian how do we know he's the REAL Doc?)