"The future ain't what it used to be."

Warrior381 VS Timeline 39


Dear Timeline 39 I think that you withholding informtion about secret government about Time Travel,UFO and other stuff...I know if you go to Area 51 what will happen to you!!! you will be killed or never heard again so stop looking for John the Time Traveler from 2036 I think that you are being set up for a trap to and you can't show proof of your time travel machine so why should we believe you!!! noting but a lie!!

so get lost!! so do you have anything to say show proof of your time travel machine of C300 and then we will believe you but can't show it because you are not real.

it is weird how he just kinda stopped posting isn't it?

maybe he was a fraud.. or maybe he was captured? or soemthing else....

maybe he found john?? but didn't he leave? why would someone be looking for john if he left?? maybe something happend to him during his next travle since... timeline 39 did say that johns time travle machine wasn't that good... who knows... it could be truth or it could not... but i bet hes a fraud... hehehe
what about this Warrior381???

Just Music, isn`t it????