Wayne's Mysterious Paper: Why Not Share It With Us?

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Hmm Wayne....

After reading ALL of your postings here I now have a couple of questions.

Why don't you show us this paper you have so we can all see it and comment on it here? Copyright law still applies here as well as anywhere else, providing you of course have a copyright which this paper would seem to warrant according to what I hear you saying about it.

If it is as significant as you say it is, have you submitted it to the proper channels where it can recieve the attention it would SEEM to deserve, according to YOUR claims anyway?

(The Government, Universities, well-heeled private enterprise and venture capitalists, etc.)

This would be a real breakthrough money maker from what I hear YOU saying. Maybe even a Nobel Prize.

What's stopping you? Why are you "teasing" us mere mortal amateur theorists on THIS web site with it?

We're eager!

Let's see it!

You never know who ANYONE you may meet here might be connected to.