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What is the Chronus Project?

Chronus is the Greek god of time, and so can be loosely translated as time. Therefore, the Chronus project, is actually a fancy name for the Time project. So what is the Time project?. It is a pet project of mine that has never really gotten off the ground. The purpose of the project is to do an indepth research of how we perceive time. When one sees a project on time, they immediately think of time travel. Though time travel is a big consideration in the project, it is not the focus. The main focus is the definition of time, for we really do not have a good grasp of it, yet.

What is the current concept of time?

Good question, can you define time for me? You may say, well time is like a measurement, we use it to reference how long ago an event occurred. Which is correct. However, do you know that the length of time from when an event occurred can be different for two people. Time is also be influenced by gravity. Does this make sense to you? How can one person measure a time for an event and another person measure a different amount of time for the same event? And what does gravity have to do with time? Isn't that just a force that pulls things back to the earth?
The man of the century, Albert Einstein, discovered and solved these quirks of time. With his theory of relativity he showed us how things can be different according to your frame of reference. He also showed us that time is not just something by itself, it is part of space. Anything that influences space affects time. Therefore affecting spacetime. His theory of General Relativity illustrates how gravity warps space, which also means it warps time. What does this do for your idea of time? Probably just confuses you.

There are even more strange twists on the road to defining time. But this just the introduction and there is no need to confuse you anymore. Though if you are interested, please check back periodically. For I plan to eventually, as time permits, put up on the website a full explanation of time and all of its facets. The explanation will be done in such a way that a person of any educational background can understand it, but still be advanced enough to keep the highly educated interested.

What is holding you back, or keeping the project on the ground?

Time mainly. You would think it would be on my side, but it always seems to be against you. With school and such I have not had much time to do the required research. I did a small portion of it for my senior thesis at Richard Stockton College, but I need to do more, and I want to fine tune the different sections of the paper a little more before I present them to the world. There are numerous books on time and the amount of background needed to understand some of these books is tremendous. But one day, soon I hope, I will get a chance to go over everything and put it up for all to read. Then the project will be in full swing. This project will not stop once the concept of time is fully explained. I plan to continue to update it with new ideas and information related to time.
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The following, is an excerpt from:
"The Tamashii Project."

"In the short time between absorption of a photon and its emission, many electronic rearrangements can take place and cellular events via electro-magnetic phenomena. As cells die, they are forced to give up stored photons as coherent, monochromatic, energy sources with properties similar to laser light." (The Novosibirsk Group)
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