We're TTI again!


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Apr 14, 2012
Hey guys!

As an addendum to my December 2017 update, I've spun the CuriousCosmos.com domain off into it's own new, fresh site.

This site is reverting back to the Time Travel Institute name, and will remain on xenForo indefinitely. I've reverted the categories to the way they were pre-September 2014 as well, and over time I'll move things back to their original places as time allows.

The reason we're doing this is two-fold:

1: I made a commitment when I purchased this site in 2014 to keep it all online. There's a lot of junk here, but also a lot of great conversations and ideas. Those ideas deserve to stay preserved online.

2 - Splitting Curious Cosmos off into a new, fresh site means I can experiment with ideas I've had without continuing to damage the integrity of this one. Things have gotten mixed up during changes we've made in the past, and that's stressful for everybody. A new site gives us freedom to adapt and become what we should be without the baggage.

This site will remain indefinitely. It's not being abandoned, but it is being "archived" in such a way that we'll not be making any further changes. No crazy new features, no mixing up the categories, etc. This site is TTI, and the other site is Curious Cosmos.

The TARDIS Project will continue on Curious Cosmos, and TTI will be an extension of that. I'll post more information on that in the future.

I'll be changing a few more visual things to get the place looking close to how it did in 2014, so bear with the generic theme you see for now!

In the meantime, go ahead and register on Curious Cosmos if you have the inclination! Hope to see you there :)



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Mar 14, 2016
Glad to see less BS and more folks exchange real reports as a way to expose the evil people that have been using TT technology to control the world! I share why I have come to this conclusion in future post! Thanks... Walt
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