"The future ain't what it used to be."

what about stopping time?


I have always thought about stopping time, even as a kid, I tried and researched and could never think it was possible but i would love to one day find a way, anyone have any ideas? :eek:
I don't believe its possible to stop time completely, for me time is movement, I don't think time is some force that we travel trough and we are at its mercy. I believe time is movement all the movement around is time all the particles that move are the ones that make things change and to stop time we would have to stop all movement on the whole universe. We grow old because of all the movement in our bodies all the chemical reaction we suffer because of all this movement. You could probably stop time in a certain area using some sort of unknown technology, but who knows when we will be able to rule all this things that we have no control over. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

I want to make an addition to stopping time in a certain area: if you freeze something lets say a piece of meat, all the cells and the stuff the meat is made of is totally stopped that way the meat preserves itself more time because there is no movement going on so there fore there is no chemical reaction eventually the ice will ruin the meat because ice burns but there could be some other of doing this without the meat getting ice burned.

People have accomplished this, you just have to reduce the temperature to absolute zero. Then, you can basically manipulate particles at a quantum level by bombarding frozen hydrogen (at 0 degrees kelvin) with protons, making it helium. This is a very strange affect, and is being experimented on (I am sure of it) by the military. They have uncensored telescopes that they admit to being 1 degrees kelvin, so if they can accomplish that they can accomplish zero kelvin.

No, they can't achieve zero kelvin, that is exactly why it's 1 degree kelvin. Very close, but true absolute zero is very difficult maybe even impossible to achieve artificially.