What do Time Travelers have in common with a prophecy in stone?

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The Great Pyramid was estimated to be build 4000 BC. The access shaft aligns with the old pole star (Alpha Draconis the Dragon star)

The great pyramid contains data inherent in its design and measurer, that just was not logically available at that time. Measures that relate to religion, astronomy and the profile of the land masses of the earth, measures that we today are only cable of determining using satellite technology.

The height of the pyramid is 5449" This is also the average height of the land masses of the earth. The pyramid is also located at the average center of the land masses of the earth. These two parameters could only be obtained by satellite scans of the planet. The implication is that the architech had a very thorough knowledge of the profile of the landmasses of the Earth.

In the Hebrew text, each letter of the alphabet represents a number, so if you add the numbers of the ancient text from which this prophecy was translated you will find that the total is 5449, the same as height of the pyramid in royal Jewish inches. The geometry of the pyramid when overlaid on a map of the middle east indicates, (when the corresponding mark of the exodus of Moses is placed on the great pyramid) on a scale of 1 inch equals 1 furlong, and 1 inch equals 1 year, the birth of Jesus, in Bethlehem on 29/09/2 BC, and the crucifixion in Jerusalem. So, does it start to make sense how three wise men could figure out the exact location and the date of the birth of Jesus?

So thats telling us that some architect that sat down with a pen and paper had to have the following information at his fingertips!

The year of the start of the Adamic cycle BC 4000/01/01
The year of the great flood of Noah BC 2500/01/01
The date of the exodus of Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees BC 2144/05/02

The date of the exodus of Moses from Egypt BC 1456/03/21
The date of the manifestation of Krishna BC 1218/11/05
The year of the manifestation Zoroaster BC 1000/01/01
The date of the manifestation of Buddha BC 782/05/17
The date of the birth of Jesus BC 2/09/29
The date of the baptism of Jesus AD 29/10/04
The date of the crucifixion of Jesus AD 34/03/21
The date of the proclamation of Mohammed AD 613/01/04
The year of the initiation of the Ba Hai faith AD 1844/01/01
The year of the 1st world war AD 1914/01/01

The average height of the land masses of the earth at 5449"
A knowledge of the profile of the land masses of the earth.

Now, if you accept the word of the scientists that date this structure at about 4500BC, (according to some accounts and even older according to others) you just have to ask yourself? This architech? WHO TOLD HIM THESE MEASURES? And by what process did the architech determine the measures of the pyramid as he drew up the plans?

So, yes I have to pose the question. Here was this architech. He had designed the pyramid and he placed a whole lot of pertinent information within the measures of the structure. Now, the way I see it, he might get one date right as a lucky guess, but 10 dates accurate to the day over a period spanning 6000 years into the future? Nope, I'm afraid the only rational answer I can come up with is someone had to tell him! Someone with an intimate knowledge of the future just had to tell him! Now who on earth (or Heaven) could that have been?

The anomaly that intrigues me here is the fuuture knowledge incorporated in the great pyramid of Giza. That knowledge could only have come from the future and what interests me is the mechanics by which it got to the past.

The Egyptians knew both the Atlantians and a race of people known as the Koldasians, who are other reality beings, that had appearted here in the ancient past, for a short time.

There is talk that they still knew even more offworld races, other than these two.
Well, I havent heard of the Koldasians?

My basic understanding of the history of Atlantis starts with there influence over Egypt. Lower Egypt was a colony of the lost continent of Atlantis and upper Egypt originated from the Lemurians, Muvians and Essenes also from Atlantis but with said ET influence from the Lyrans, Pleiadians, Zeta Reticuli and Sirians ET's, whom were interdimentional Time Travelers.

The Pleiadians ET's are located in the Taurus (Bull) constellation and is also referred to as the Seven Sisters. We can see this cluster of stars in the evening sky in the northern hemisphere from mid October to March. Its 400 light years away.

The Lyrans and Sirians ET's are both from the Orion Belt.

The Zeta Reticuli civilization is a distant cousin of the Lyrans (the little greys)

The Lyrans used Cats and Birds as symbols. They built the Sphinx using the body of a lion representing the constellation Leo. During this time the Sirians combined their efforts and assisted the Lyrans (the Orion ET's) in designing the three Pyramids at Giza to recreate Heaven on Earth. (matching the 3 lined up stars of Orion in the night sky.)

I think the true deposition of the Atlantians that learned the divine secrets of the universe was to eliminate the karmic cycle of reincarnation and ascend to rejoin G-d. I think this could be a good anaysis and assumption as to why Atlantis came to a cataclysmic destruction CAUSED BY THE ALIENS mentioned above because they wanted this karmic cycle to keep going around and around. And still today as they try to advance us spiritually into this misconception towards another cataclysmic event.


Dig them numbers. Have you got a copy of Peter Tompkins book 'The Great Pyramid Decoded'? Its a must have.

Dollars to donuts says that Atlantis is a time period between the last two ice ages rather than a place.

Ice ages are hard on civilizations. The aliens caused the ice age....riiiight.

And it was the Jews who sank the Titanic. With a name like IZBURG they had to be Jewish.

Have a nice daze.
I don't know shadow I am begining to think that Atlantis was just more that a mythical place.

The story of Noah and the great flood is within this era and allot of the stories around Atlantis seem to corrolate to Biblical text stories.

Could there be something here that we are overlooking?

Did you read my posting under TTA's thread (Paradise or conspiracy to set mankind up)? Its quit possible that aliens could have had a motive to destroy Atlantis.

I also came accross something else of interest. They say the Maya's are the decendance from MU (or Lemuria.) I came accross some history documents that say the Maya's by way of the sea after a great cataclysmic event some of the decendance sailed to Mexico. And they bare the same name that was associated with Atlantis (The Empire of the Sun.)

I didnt care for your Jewish Titanic joke? It directs me to believe you are a schmuck! The reason the Titanic sank is because they used the cheepest lowgrade steel that was not cured properly! If it had been a good grade of pliable steel the iceberg would not have been able to crack open, and would have just dented.