What happened

Hi there Mike.

All the other messages are on the other board, which is no longer operational... so get those new messages posted!!!

This new board is bigger and better, so we can further the prosperity of the TTI. You'll find it easier and better using this new, enhanced board, so get those posts in and enjoy!!!

DANG! I was *THIS CLOSE* to solving the mysteries of temporal displacement, then all the old messages disappeared! Well, back to the old drawing board (or new message board, that is).


P.S. I'm turning on HTML features, if anyone cares.
Thanks, Mop. Html is neat,but tricky on this board. I had to experient a little get it to look the way it wanted it.


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You should be able to reach the old messages here. Remember that you cannot post new messages or reply to old ones on that board. It's just there for archival purposes.


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Thanks MOP for sticking with it and getting those old messages on the board. I feel musch better with Lee's Messages Archived. But, I haven't heard from him since the change. Now, on to the Future or the Past or is it the Present as I believe all things are that exist or at least seem to in a Spiritual Universe.
Cosmic Keith