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Time travel.....hmmmm

I have some stuffs I'd like to share.

I knew that if we travel near the speed of light, we are gonna go -]] and if we do this faster than light, we are gonna go <[- in time. I remembered a lesson which says the more the speed, the more the mass, so if we are gonna go faster than light, old gravity is there to crush us. If we are gonna go back in time, I remeber the grandfather parr....whatsoever.[p>There is the wormhole, can be use for another time travelling stuff. The problem here is 'trapped in time'. Another is, its in subatomic stuff billion of times smaller than atom. Wow!

There is another porthole that instead we will go to the future, or past, we are going or can talk to the other people's mind. It safer than wormhole and travelling in the speed of light. Just like Psychics.

One more thing. Isn't it that if you will travel in time, you will change what must go on right, likewise changing history. If time travelling (I'm not rejecting that time travel is possible) available in the future, then someone might be from soomewhere in time right now in the present and if there is...

If you want to know more bout me contact me,k?

Thanks for the time I had with you.
Let's assume that There never was a Sex Scandel with the President.
But time travel is possible and someone is already hear, and is causing a problem with the President Sex Life.........Monica is the Time Traveler...............Possible????????????.............no, just for thought though.