"The future ain't what it used to be."

what I think is happening



Yes, I do think that there are aliens. I believe that only one type of race is watching us. The grays, (you know, the gray guys with the big heads and big eyes.) Are a superior race not just to earthlings but to all the universe. These grays watch remote planets like our own and wait until the intellegence create the suitable technology to be let out INTO the rest of the intellegence. These grays probaly have some sort of code which they believe that no other race should inter fere with the remote parts of the universe or else they will be vaporized. In short, the code that they have won't let intellegent life like neanderthals to go roaming the universe with alien technology.

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i dont know..

You seem to think that there is only ONE race who seem to watch this universe yet how can it be that different types of craft have been spotted and alien creatures differ?

all these aliens have greater technology than us simply because they have been around longer than us.

The Nazca plains, the mayans and other civilisations all have some sort of pictures or reliefs which depict space crafts as rockets

My theory is that when we were still young as a civilisation they had rockets like us.
As time moves along and advances are made we find ourselves with THEIR technology 3000 years later.
They would have obviously advanced in technology and have seen us with their former techs and have come to investigate.
After all when they had rockets we had practically nothing
We came to call them gods like Quetzalcoatl and such.
We are on our way to higher technology and when we reach their level right now with UFO's god knows what they'll have.

On a side note..if they had our tech back then they could not have gotten far..as people sugest they are FROM another galaxy etc etc
but how did they get here in rockets?
they must be close in our solar system...

Perhaps one day...

reply to above.

I didn't say that there is just one race. I believe that that race is the supierior race and all the other races or intellegence are restricted to remote systems like are own.

So what you are saying is that us humans and others with our level of technology are being watched over by big brother?


How do you EXPLAIN the other aliens with ufo's...apparently the same level of technology as "the grays?"
I suppose the other intellegence like the gray's could tag along, as long as they keep secretsy with us. If that can't happen, there will probably be a war of some sort, like in some sightings depicting battles with different intlegence. The code, like I said before depicts that this race of watchers dosen't want us to know that they're there. Or they might want to make us wonder by very few visits FROM the ones who don't believe in the code, making us strive to know, Are We Alone? If we were introduced INTO the universe when we were just created through evolution, we would depend to much on the other races resulting in many conflicts. The rest of the successful race are more independent, but not as technologically advanced than the watchers. These watchers would probably the outcast of the rest of the universe and I believe the most advanced in the galaxy. Maybe we should have this conversation in privacy, Dr. Light. Email me
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