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What if the human species was...


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...an intelligently designed system in the form of a 3x3 matrix?

What might we call the creator of such a system?

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Ray' The error in this supposition you have illustrated, is that this ideal only renders your said mankind, to a third dimensional activity.

You contradict yourself by this posting.

Since the sun, has to be a central resonator of frequency within this system, then it may be that freequcies have variable outputs from the central sun.

Sources here, are yahoo's, now removed spirit-web, which had told in research work, that when the early Atlantians had come to Earth from other locations, that these beings were fourth density material.

In time, as sources on the past Atlantian cultures, their race, due to said Earth's harsh central sun, had caused the Atlantians to drop from a fourth density level, down to third.

This is more dated information and the consequence for the Atlantians, was similar to being weaned from drug abuse.

They had constructed literal crystal forest, that were so large that one could walk through these forest.In doing so, they could reexpierence their needed change in frequency, which would make them feel like they did upon arriving on Earth.

It is said in Atlantian history one of the reasons why the Atlantians had become perverted with references to said genetics experiments, is that they did not regard the third density principles, as they would have regarded the fourth.

Due to this factor, it was supposed that they had developed less of a personal regard for life and so took what they had wanted.

This say is brought out in writings of Plato, as well as many of his other contemporaries, in the said hidden agreements, of the Atlantians taking boatloads of Greek wimen into the wenestern capitol of Atlantis.
This was to be bread into and only returning one half a boatload to Grease, fertilized.

The Damenhur.org web site, had pictures of how immense the capitol city of Atlantis was, not only with statues as big if not bigger than our statue of liberty, however flying vehicles of every kind of description, held within the air.

It is said by the Meier contacts, in writing that because of passed down lineages hidden in this society back to Atlantis, that this culture is sadistic once more.

This is why it is elementally necessary to be able to allow all of those who would want relocation to other worlds, to be able to do so, so that evil is not compressed by repeating bad karma, within this civilization.

In Dolores Cannon's book on a space craft crash in Alaska, she told of a native in Alaska, who by the feature of an extra organ within his midriff, was able to phase into other realties and hunt game for his village, from another dimension.

So mankind by his known and vested natures, does seem to have the ability to venture into other realities, as well as dimensions.

With reference to the now happening photon belt, I feel that this is defiantly a recurring issue.
Here we go again...
Ray' The error in this supposition you have illustrated, is that this ideal only renders your said mankind, to a third dimensional activity.

You contradict yourself by this posting.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. There you go rushing to judgments again, Creedo. You're so sure of an error, aren't you? How do you KNOW that what I have illustrated does not consist of dimensions beyond 3? Did you ever think of asking first? Just in case you didn't understand something about what you are calling erroneous.

Quite simply, you are actually the one in error, for you have not considered that the architecture I am depicting....the very architecture of the human body, is actually a "systems of systems" construct. If you understand mathematical degrees of freedom as being indicative of a system's dimensionality, then you will know that when systems embed within one another, the fractal dimensionality of the overall system increases in a geometric manner. Did you stop to analyze that little bit of topological science?

For example...look at the diagram of the TOL superimposed on the human body. The human body is a system, as it were. Now focus on System Element #1...Kether...the Crown. Clearly representing our brains, are you with me? Now, given a "systems of systems" approach, what do you suppose we would see if we "zoomed in" on System Element #1 such that we could see the structure of what is inside? What do you think the architecture of this subsystem node might look like?

I haven't even begun to discuss dimensionality in all its forms, at yet. Most of my postings have been trying to get people grounded in the fact that our basic matrix of physical reality is really a 3x3 matrix of nine dimensions. One we "step outside" of these nine dimensions and view them as a single entity (the eternal now), dimensionality beyond our 3x3 physical reality opens up to higher complexity.

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RE Understand your post and the content of.

However what you are not including, is the effect of other system on standing architecture already in place.

I think that you do not see this?
However what you are not including, is the effect of other system on standing architecture already in place.

I think that you do not see this?
If you are referring to the classic N-body problem, knock twice. If you mean something else, knock once, and then clearly state what you are referring to.

If you knocked twice, then let me point out that the N-body problem is not resolved in the local coordinate system of the physical human body matrix. Rather, the N-body problem and the effects of many bodies on each other, is resolved in the integrated matrix of Massive SpaceTime, which is represented by (10) on the TOL diagram. That (10) represents the remainder of the universe you interact with...past, present, and future. The three green lines connecting you (matrix 1-9) with the rest of your universe (10) are therefore labeled according to how we interact with the rest of our universe: One path for Mass, one path for Space, and the middle path for Time. And each of these paths, recall, is 3-dimensional in nature, per my theory. Therefore, you interact with all other bodies via a 9-dimensional interwoven matrix of Massive SpaceTime.

Again: The effects of N bodies on a single body is not, and cannot be, discretely resolved within the single body or a single reference frame (in fact, this is one implication of Heisenberg uncertainty). The body can only feel the resulting effects (like we feel gravity). The resolution of all external forces can only be accomplished in the field within which all N bodies interact. It is solved in N-space. Such a highly non-linear topology is a requirement to generate novelty, strange attractors, and "the butterfly effect". N-space permits chaotic feedback loops to form between any two or more elements of N-space.

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Hi RainmanTime,

For what it is worth...

Every time I see your tree of life diagram it reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Of course, that was a study in proportions, not a system of power/chakra/chi centers in/on the human body(did I get this right?). But they give the same impression.

There are so many layers to life, to understanding it, to experiencing it, to interacting with it. It humbles me. And you know what, I think "GOD" made the universe so damned interesting, with so many layers and aspects and beauty just so we could explore it and entertain ourselves in discovery.

That is what both your diagram and Leonardo's diagram make me feel and think.

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