What if we never came back

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OK now, if you go back in time and then change the events that are happening in your time, and when you come back, will you actually come back to your time, or would you go to a different universe. And would any one go back to your place.
I think that if you do go back then you won't come back to the same time/universe that you left from, and someone else would take your place. The person would be you, but from the universe that you are in when you try to go home. So, they would your place and you would take theirs, never to return.
Think about it. Tell me what you think.
I think the key word is "you". If "you" go back in time, then "you" become the man or women that "you" were in that past time. If "you" change events from what "you" originally did back then, "you" then follow a different time line (there are numerous timelines that we can experience based on the choices we make in life). If "you" then return to the present, which present would "you" return to? Is it the present from which "you" left, or is it the present that resulted in that changed timeline?
I'm of the opinion that such things as that is why time travel into the past is impossible but things such as LIMITED time travel into the future is possible. Here's what I mean: You can't go back in time because just by being there you are affecting the universe in a way that wasn't meant to happen. Doing that changes YOUR history and your future, which means you are no longer the person you once were, because your life is affected by the lives of those around you. If your existence in the past has affected things, they will affect others, and those others. So, it is entirely possible that you will never have had the experiences that made you travel back in time, thereby causing a paradox that makes it impossible to apply. However, with future time travel, you could go maybe a few seconds, maybe as much as days into the future just because certain things have already been set in motion that would happen with or witout your assitance. Once there, you could do this again, so it is possible to travel as far ahead into the future as time allows, but once in the future, you can't go back to "your present". Once you leave, your future becomes your present and your return would change all you have seen, which would make your visit to the future you saw an impossiblity because it no longer exists. What do you guys think?
well, of course you can go into the future, just get in a spaceship and go real fast, and you'll end up in the future. There's no limit as to "seconds or days". Want to go forward a year? just step on the gas!
Currently, my work is involved with what I call "point theory". In addition, I have also constructed the "intersingular connectedness theorum", which states that one can calculate where the location of hypothetical singularities may be, by showing that singularities have a 99.99....N chance of existing at every point along a 360 degree circumferance at a specific distance in space from a particular point. Also these singularities may be shown to connect to at right angles temperature planes in given masses.

I started working on Point Theory over 6 years Ago. I made a series of discoveries that led to the conception of this theory in it's present form all beginning with a single observation I made one night when I was staring at the stars.

I recognized that a star at a given distance in space exists at the same time that I exist, even though being seperated from my inertial frame by many light years. This observation suggested to me that a masses position in space and time are independant of both space, and time. A few months later, I began noticing other peculiar anomalies in mathematics which eventually led up to the revelation of point theory. For instance, I calculated that a non-local omni-present zero region existed to define a fabric constant of time which led to a general theorum to describe time as being the sum of two equal opposite forces acting in direct cancelation to produce the non-local interconnecting force that enables all bodies to exist independant of all other bodies. Later I redefined this non-local interconnecting force as "the expance", which seperates mass bodies in space; but, is not a force.

Within a few years I had compiled enough observational data to establish "point theory" which redefines the former non-local zero force as an omni-present single zero point that exists, not at; but, as all points in the universe. Shortly after Zero Point Theories initial conception, I found a mathematical equation that connected my Zero Point Theory to both the Theory of Relativity, and the General Theory of Relativity. Also this mathematical theorum connects Relativity to Newtonian physics by explaining the mechanism that causes gravity as being a form of time dialation between two equal opposite masses. This formula also describes the acceleration of body as a much more complex function. I now call this model the "Unified Zero Point Theorum" or U.Z.P.T.

Currently, I have discovered new mathematical systems that may be used to connect singularities to masses outside the eventhorizons of blackholes. These systems have shown, hypothetically, how these singularities are absolutely connected to specific temperature regions in given masses. UZPT has also yielded a mathematical solution that may mathematically connect to string theory as an unrevealed portion of M-theory. It is, also, my contention that UZPT might be related to a lost system of astronomy that may have been written in ancient text.

It is my hopes that UZPT might be used, in the near future, to map out Zero Point Space. Also, I am hoping to complete my creation of a system of mathematics based on UZPT that will allow us to solve non-linear equations with a single solution set. And to allow one to calculate for both variables of a two variable equation while knowing only the consonant. Such a system might be capable of solving the Multiple Bodies Permative Equation.(I might have miss pronounced "Multiple Bodies Permative equation") Solving this would help develop a solution to calculate the trajectory of individual molecules moving through a tubulent gas. The Theorums might alsobe useful in solving more abstract equations such as those related to the concept of time-divergence and causality violation paradoxes associated with time travel, the hypothetical concept.

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We often contemplate the many thoughts of paradoxial concepts, one good question as to say if there are really "Time~Travellers" then how come we never see, or hear from them? Perhaps it is good warning as to why a traveller doesn't make it back to their original point of departure?