what is real? * the missing parameter


Temporal Novice
the material world outside poses many questions all the time that we hope to answer using our wit.
however there is always the eternal question of
why do we exist?
is the reality as we percieve it absolutely real?
how real is reality?
the reality itself seems to be relative.
what if all our perceptions r mere illusions
and dreams in a well concieved play.
as for the material world is considered
it does not makes sense at all with just time and space.there should be some other parameters which makes it possible for the simultaneous existence of many universes in present,future and past.
May be the reported UFO s transversing time possibly do it in the third parameter.
these parameters X interlinks the various universes may be even spiritual and others.
the mankind is surely in the verge of some great discovery which is gonna transform the way in which we see ourselves and the immediate universe.
unfortunately it is also possible even that we r regulated and governed by the entity that we r out to explore.if the entity's one attribute is to prevent any
exploration of it then the mystery still
why should the entity governing us
govern us?
we miss the tag some where?
how real is real ?

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Hey Neo_!! I must comend you on your thought provoking post, hats off!! Personally I feel the reason that we have more questions that answers is because the human race is being stifled of knowledge that is pertinant to humans for them to reach the next level of evolution. We can be controled, as a whole, if the Powers That Be, can keep us where we're at as a whole. Fortunately the secrets cannot be contain forever and that is to our advantage as a whole. Of course the Paradox of the whole thing is that once we reach the next level as a race, the more answers we have the amount of questions grows as well.......

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Draco the Druid
What happens to all the holes when all the cheese has been eaten?

Hows come you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead??


Don't think that your thinking.
If you think that your thinking
you only think that your thinking.

Why was the animal kingdom, not granted the same ability to process intelligence, as humans, or given vocal chords to speak to us within our language capacity?
Why is it that I can buy 88 shades of lipstick, at 9 separate stores, but a driveway marker or metal downspout is considered 'specialty item' available in the neighboring county?
Hey Kentheee,
I think I have the hotdog thing figurered out.
Its a plot on the part of the hotdog bun company that no matter how many hotdog packs you buy you always have to buy an extra pack of buns!
Here's the solution:
buy 4 packs of hotdog packs and 5 packs of buns and it will equal out!!! HAHAHAHA