"The future ain't what it used to be."

What is the matrix? What if that is our future?


Temporal Novice
Hello everyone:

I was just wondering what everyone thought the matrix was and how it came to be. I think it says how in the Animatrix. What if that is what our future will be like?

Just asking everyone's opinion on this.

-Guy D.
For one thing the future is not going to be overrun by A.I, I believe that humans are prepared for this if one day, lest machines may start thinking like human do. But the odds are far, besides machines don't have to be killers unless they start to think that in order to take over this world they would have to rid obselete 'humans', the lumps of flesh, their creators? It is a much thought, hedonistic view but A.I wouldn't really be developed till a decade from now. We could still develop A.I in another objective, where such a thing will not happen. They need to be closely monitored so that there would be no such anomalies like in the part 1 of 'The Renaissance' in Animatrix.
The existence of the Matrix was rather hyped up. It was after all just a power plant. If the machines wanted, they could shut it down... yes I know I'm echoing Neo's responce to the counsellor in Reloaded.
The Matrix is not the future, the machines taking over was the future. The Matrix was a way that Humans could co-exist in this new world as slaves to contradict the lifestyle we enjoy.

Yes the Animatrix describes the rise of the Matrix as well as the comics that appeared after the film. It's quite interesting that AI is not evil like in the Terminator films, but that simply humans become jealous of there adaption to building a strong economy(I wouldn't want to spoil the story for you if you haven't seen it, but they only build their own country because they're forced to).

Anyway, to throw in a time-travelling aspect into the mix - would a AI computer be capable of conceiving time-travel as a viable method of controlling the world á la Terminator? I mean for AI to become dangerous it must have a sense of self-preservation. If history can be changed, would this self-preservation be challenged, or would a machine consider the fact that it's programming and parts would remain unaltered and therefore it's 'entity' would be preserved...


I hate the matrix with a passion, so I'll say that thew movie was nothing more than science fiction without a philosophical subplot, unless you call it's theme of "don't conform" a philosphy. I could get the same stuff from reading "one flew over the cuckoo's nest".

the acting was shallow, the movements in the fights were blocky, and slow-mo was incredibly overused in reloaded. Im not even going to waste my precious God-given time watching revolutions.

No, compters will not overrun the world. they might take over after we kill ourselves off, but that would be it. even then, why would a computer feel the need to create other computers, cause it's lonely?
Few peieces of art define a generation. The Matrix is the New Shakspere.

Morphius introduces Neo to the concept of relitivity. The matrix bypasses our sencory inputs and channels information directly to brain stem. It is the role of our sences to provide sencory imput to the brain. For the eyes ears and nerves this imput is primarily of a electrical nature. The actual information carried to the brain is carried in the form of a very complex electircal code to the brain. The brain uses our operating system which we call subconsious as pre instaled software to decode this information. The information is decoded and then reconstructed into a code which the consiousness can interperate.

The photons that enter your eyes stop at the photo sencitive cells sitting in the back of the eye. These cells convert the photons to electrons. It is the particular frequency or energy intensity that the elctrons comunicate through the optic nerve. Our brain views the world as code.

Our consiousness is confronted by the concept of entropy. Entopy is born of Time dilation. Timedialation is driven by Grav fields. Grav fields are driven by Nutral Temporal reality. In its essence nutral temporal reality is driven by the zero time of light or the source of pure energy singularities. The pure energy of the singularity is the only true real. Here there is no space time as we no it. As Albert said "reality is an illusion all be it a very persistant one." In a state of pure energy the consiousness would find the illusion less persistant.