"The future ain't what it used to be."

What makes John Titor so believable?


Apparently, there are some that believe that Titor was really a time traveller. My question is, how is he so believable? He hasn't given anyone much to go on, other than a drawing that looks like microwave oven.

I could be wrong in my assumptions, but the reason many people on this site hold some hope of John Titor being a real person is that it would then mean time travel is possible. Most people on this site want this in the worst way and even those who are harsh skeptics of JT would welcome solid proof of his existence.

Say for example you were born in a cave deep in the ground with a family of humans that have lived there for over five hundred years because of an inhospitable earth. Over time you would come to hope that those stories of a glorious sun-filled earth were true even if you don't really think that they could be. Even if there were some in your community that staunchly stated there was no such thing as a beautiful green earth filled with life and prosperity, you may want to believe it with all your heart.

We humans often have faith in the things we want to be true.