"The future ain't what it used to be."

What Point in Time would you go to



I myself would like to travel to the past and change my future, by actually studing in school, and therfore making a real future for myself.

Currently I am 24 and a delivery driver for Pizza Hut (great future)
Many people say this. But I say to you that you might be surprised that you end up in the same place. Your life and times are far from over at 24. And, you are quite successful relatively speaking. Don't worry about the past use your lessons to build your future now. But, I always say that real futures are not built as much as they are discovered.
Unlike you, I really do not see too much of a need to change my life. I am not a success story and I am having to go into the army just to be able to pay for college because I cannot get a job. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the way my life has turned out and I think if you really thought hard about it you would be happy too. (Don't get me wrong, I do not know all the details of your situation. That is just my opinion. I may be wrong.)
If I could choose what I would want to do
if I went back in the past:
I would like to go back into the past and meet Abra-Melin or Eliphas Levi, two people whom I have a great admiration for. I would also like to go back to the middle ages and study people's lives in that time, getting to do things like breathe fresh,unpoluted air and go into the areas not thoruoghly explored my mankind and enjoy being in a place little touched by humankind. Also, it would be fun to travel and see some of the animals that are now extinct.
Where in time I would go is easy. Unlike some of you I do not have most of my life ahead. I had three points in my life where I could have made a different action that would have led to a more "successful" life. Those don't even concern me now.
I was forty years old when I lost everything for the third time but that time someone came into my life to help me pick up the pieces. We both had substantial problems and our life together seemed like a constant struggle but in spite of that, we loved each other and we were happy.
A little over two years ago, she became ill. It was serious but not uncorrectable until the doctors prescribed the wrong treatment. That made her disease virtually irreversible. She died after a steady deterioration the week after we got the lab results that the condition caused by the mistaken treatment had corrected itself and she had a chance for a transplant that could save her.
I don't care about changing any of the actions that stopped me from being a "success." I only want to change that botched medical procedure. When I lost everything before it was only "things." When you know love and you lose that, you really do lose everything.
I worked my way back to a well paying job with a house and all the material things I really need. If I could have my wife back and in good health again, it wouldn't matter if I had to deliver pizza for a living.
I suppose if I could go back in time it would be 8th grade. The girl that I liked came up to me with her friend and asked if I would go out with her. I said no. I would go back and made sure that kid would have said yes. Oh the stupidity of youth. I guess the older you get, the more regrets you have.
Your whole outlook on life changes when you actually lose somebody you love. I laugh about the times I has broken hearted becuase a bloke I thought I loved finished with me - it is so trivial and also so what if I had worked harder at school and had a better job now - it means nothings compared to losing someone you loved more than anything else in this world.
I would not venture into the past for that which has made me to be who and where I am today is essential to my being--the bad with the good, learning either through hard knocks or good fortune.

I long to see the future ... the unpredictable future holds the most wonder. Have you ever watched Hollywood's H.G. Wells adaptation of "The Time Machine?" I am sure most of us have. When watching that film, did you ever think to yourself, "Had that been me, I would have...." Exactly my point. The possibilities are limitless.

Where would I go into the future? I would leap in baby steps, at first, five, ten, twenty years, just to see how my children fair. But then, I would push deep into the nearly inconceivable magic and mystery of the far future. Just as an observer, mind you ... I have no interest in affecting or stimulating random chaos just to witness outcomes.

Give me the future for the past is that which was ... but tomorrow is yet unknown.

Tempus Edax Rurum

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I keep changing my mind.I had everthing as changing my past,to preventing disaters.I finally made up my mind for now at least. I would go in the past to meet Anne Frank. I posted my reason in a thread I started.

Future is not a problem, no matter what we end up with, as long as we are happy, that is enough. The only problem in our life is mistakes we made and we suffer in the rest of our life because of it. If I could travel in time, I will not look for money nor good future, I just wanna to prevent myself from making mistakes which cause me suffer now, and will follow me in the rest of my life.