What precedes a thought?


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This may be more of a consciousness issue, but it deals with a timeline of events so...

What precedes a specific thought? I was pondering this and came up with the following:

??? --> Thought --> Speech

So, we can not speak something unless it is first thought. When can we think of something? Where does it first originate? Subconscious? If so, then what fuels our subconsciousness and what is the conduit between the subcon and conscious thought?

Not that it's important or anything, but just interesting.
Your question has even more to do with time travel than you let on.
What precedes a specific thought? I was pondering this and came up with the following:
??? --> Thought --> Speech
Your diagram is used a lot in questions, such as what preceeds time?
??? --> Creation of time --> Now or where did matter come from?
??? --> Matter --> All known objects or what are subatomic particles made of?
??? --> Electrons, Protons, Neutrons --> Atoms/Elements --> simple molecuels/ Water, Salt Quartz --> Complex objects/ Cake, sand

There are an infinate number of ???s in front of every thing. No matter how much we learn we will always expect there is something else proceeding. This is only logical because every cause is an effect and there can not be an effect without a cause. But then where did the first cause come from? And if it came from any where it is not the first cause. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif There can not logicaly be a begining or an end, however the human mind insists on finding both, an infinite search through infinity. That's where the very idea of time travel came from, the question of what came before that.
As for what proceeds thought, I suppose it would be experiance possibly combined with something else.
That's interesting.

I just had another "thought" lol.

I have heard it be said:

Sow a thought
Reap an action

Sow an action
Reap a habit

Sow a habit
Reap a character

Sow a character
Reap a destiny

If this holds true, which I believe it does, then our character doesn't determine our thoughts, but rather vice-versa. So where do thoughts originate? Perhaps the answer is a spiritual one: the soul? hmmm I don't know. Another thing to consider is whether the parents of conscious thought are the same as sub-conscious thought. I can somewhat control what I think of when I am awake, but I have no control over my dreams. Or do I, and I just haven't found it yet? Yes, I know there is lucid dreaming, but how much control does one have in that?

I will keep thinking.
A question....if you bang your finger with a hammer, what thought precedes the "Ouch"....?

There is none, it's instinctive.
I would say that thoughts are probably compounded particles of energy, and would much likely behave like other physical particles of the same sort. Not every thought results in speech or words, those are just the thoughts we have some sort of a grip on. Some come in images like in dreams or reveries. Others come like emotional charges that affect our moods.

The beautiful thing however is that there is a high probability that every thought we capture can be realized, that's how simple things look in retrospect. The process itself however is much harder to attain and to constantly attain. As a writer I think about these a lot, and I've noticed that a lot of thoughts pass unworded, unoutspoken.

But I believe thoughts to words is an intricate form of energy conversion, which makes thoughts mere energy, or the so called matter of thought!
Hi guys, Im new here I was looking around the site and stumbled upon the post about thought. Very interesting.

I could be way off.. but I thought I'd take a stab at the whole origin of a thought.

As a newborn infant we see, hear take in everything around us. I believe it could possibly start there. We soak in so much information. We start from a fresh slate and proceed the rest of our lives experiencing actions & memories which in turn evolves itself into new thought. I think it is a constant cycle from birth.
For example.. We read a book, therefore it triggers our thoughts, we see a movie and it triggers our thoughts. The actions took to learn how to pick up a spoon and move it towards my mouth when I was 1 year old became a memory to me the first time I did it. Then became a habit of that first action from seeing someone else put a spoon up to there mouth. And sometimes we have these insane, unexplainable visions in our head.. but I can say still, that it probably was a combination of influences we have experienced in our lives.. just distorted.
Therefore the whole action/reaction theory is pretty much valid in this idea of actions, memories and influence triggering thought.

Let me know what you think.

"A question....if you bang your finger with a hammer, what thought precedes the "Ouch"....?

There is none, it's instinctive." Andy

If that is the case, then why do I say ow, and many people say things not appropriate for public mention. And if ouch was a built in response, then every baby's first word would be ouch, I don't think your giving much credit to the swiftness of thought.
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