What the "H" is happening?????!!!!!!!


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What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!

For you that don't no or remember me I am the guy who wanted to try and reach though time using remote viewing as an avenue.

44mhz.................................. Does this mean anything to any of you?????? I have isolated the brain wave that receives the data when viewing a past target during a Remote Viewing session....I have no future targets so can not be certain that it would be the same. When viewing targets that are in the present it seems that some times without trying the data will settle on 44mhz, but most of the time it is some where between 30 and 50mhz.

The weirdest thing is that I have had two sessions were I went flat line (brain activity) except for one peak at 44mhz that on the recorder was only for a second, but the data I had recorded on paper had to of taken several minutes to write down. That is not possible if I was at 0 brain activity. And then why didn't I just keel over and die. I am now going to start recording my full vitals as well to find out. Guys I am really freaked out by this. It makes no sense to me at all.

If any of you have heard of anything like this happening before help me out because I am not doing any more sessions until I can find out what is happening.
Re: What in Himler\'s underpants has happened?

Say hey'

Your route app, could be through an etherial source.This means your recieve signal, is assisted and routed by Angels, into the future.

There are some predictions that in the years ahead, everybody goes N-wise, if you know what I mean?

What the action of too many N-weapons going off does, is kind-of puts up a scramble and you can't get mentally through via your mind.

The date forcasted by Carlos X and Pamela, was something like 2012 give of take a few years.

Your time might be distorted in a pull flux type of arrangment, to where the majorness of the event, is sucking your brain in, in similar fashion to a black hole?

Your brains okay, it's just your getting zero data, due to an event in time.

Try this would you and follow my instructions to the letter.

Go foward in time, however place a month date calendar, within a cave system, to where you can R.V. in on the special clock in time.

The second control would be, to R.V. in on a public bank that has a digital month day and year clock, that you can use as a time control while doing your R.V..

Focus on these clocks and see how far you can go foward in time, before the clock both in the town as well as the hidden cave can or can no longer be read?

I want you to do something else for me.

Listen very, very carefully to my instructions and follow them to the letter.

Get the same series of dates placed on cards within the control cave and slowly inch foward in time.

Now start to float upward towards the sun and start to go towards the sun, out of body, however stop about two million miles away from the surface of the sun.

Don't go any closer than two million miles close to the sun out of body.

Now look at the sun.

You must now think that you are a peice of silicate rock, within your being and the imense heat of the chronisphere can not hurt you at all.

Now thinking as a rock, I want you to tell the sun that your here and you know Dan, his special project child and that Dan told you, that it's alright to talk directly to the sun.

The sun in a very low watery growl, will start to communicatre with you.

It is very inportant at the point in time, not to be scared, however to look at how the sun is doing on the estimaited date that you get zero actrivlty from your brain when you go into the future.

At this date, does the sun, it seem get violently ill, like a child who has a stomach upset?

So what I'm asking you, is the day that your brain activity going to zero and that same day you access the sun, show the sun becomes violently ill?

If the sun talks to you, don't go any closer than two million miles.

If you go past this danger martker area, the sun will simply eat your soul, if it knows that you are human.

Bring this info back to TTI and please publish what you have.

Remember to tell the sun, that Dan is the big fat silicate creature, that comed its convection wells and made it feel better a few human years back in time.

We know each other and I am the only apointed creature that can travel down into the sun, without loss of soul in this world.

Read these instructions over, make your choice, however do precisely as I have instructed you to do.

Thanks Dan
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!

Friend TTwise

If your experimentations involve a remote viewing-like technique well let me tell you that it is very similar to the technology behind the workings of a chronocron. I have spoke of these devices in the past, but not actually said anything about the way they work, however it seems that you have discovered it on your own and now I can tell you something more.

In order to raise the awareness ratio of a natural human brain you need to employ a frequency in megahertz, however you are employing a frequency to high. You must utilize a frequency between the 21 and 35mhz. After that, as your brain waves get accostumed to, you can raise step by step the awareness ratio by increasing the frequency by small intervals, but nevcer exceeding the 56mhz, that would cause you irreparable damage to the brain tissue.

It is a good idea to monitor your vitals because as your awareness increases your bodily functions will approach a state of narcolepsy. Another advice is to limit your first sessions to 5 to 10 minutes interval with resting periods of about two hours. Also limit your RV activities to at least three a day while your brain gets familiarized with the process.

Later on, as you progress in this technique, you will see that a device will no longer be needed.

I would really like to know more about your designs, maybe I can help.

Until later becomes now.
Re: What the extra notation.Transversal

Please note TT wise, that Transversal in Anomalies has been within a conversation, where they have had an increase in physic presure.

Please if you could follow Transiet 001's advice, however please also lay the controls I had asked you to follow?

You must understand thaty some frequencies will allow to spirit to escape, so letting brain activity go flat-lined, however the data will still record through.This is because the nature of the soul-spirit combinations, are ment to be multiphasable in their actions.

To be on the safe side, if your going foward in time, try to find a month day year clock, place this time peice within a caved system, then monitor this time peice by R.V. techniques?

What I had told you about the sun was true.

If ya can, out of body still perform the same asked chore, in reference to segements of stepped time, please?

Thank you all involved here,
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!

Maybe you all didn't understand me right or maybe I just didn't say it right, but what ever the case let me try to explain in more detail what happened.

First off, "299" I have not tried to even view targets in the future because I have no way to see if the data I collect is correct or not. Second, my flat line was in the past all brain waves registered at 44mhz I am at this time not using any device to try and clear up signals I am just trying to isolate the point at wich the data is flowing from the subspace mind to the physical mind. I have fond that it is not a specific wave but a frequency. It is quick and across the board at 44mhz.

As for devices that I plan on testing that has changed because of this discovery. I now plan to use a magnetic field tuned to the 44mhz that I am receiving data at. I have plans for both rotational feilds and flux fields. I also would like to try to employ a field that will pass though the brain, but will have to look at what this may do. I don't want to fry myself!


I want to say that the stuff you have asked of me is beyond what I understand about remote viewing. If I know my target my mind could take contaminate the data. I have been working with blind targets only. I have a person that selects targets and puts a five diget nuber to it. All i get before I start a session is a number that is associated with the target. I know nothing about it till the session is complet. Then when I compare the data with the actual target I know what is a hit or a miss in the data. My pen I use for recording data is linked then to the BW recorder and makes the point when ever I write down a part of the data recieved.

Now what you have asked me to do I would not begin to know how to go about using the type of sessions I have been doing. I also am confused at the fact of "talking to the sun" and Dan which is a mystic God........I don't believe in that stuff so if I have to believe what you say then I guess it wouldn't work for me right?

I am not making fun of you creedo, but I trying to understand the reasoning behind this.

Now as for the other things to test how far I can go foward in time using the remote viewing sessions........well i have never recieved a clear picture as of yet when viewing a target. That my friend is my goal to be able to bost the signal to a point where it is like I am walking around at the target in stead of just getting bits of data......some fuzzy ........some clear.......some just not able to be seen. I will then not have to worry about knowing my target before hand because it is the physical mind that prevents the clear picture in the first place. It is kind of like a bad phone connection. I am trying to fix the connection.

If you can explain in more of a down to earth way, (no pun intended) what you have in mind then let me know.

I have this wierd feeling I am repeating someone elses work. But I haven't had any black helos flying over head as of yet......lol

Re: What the

TT Wise here is the control compairative data that you requested for your need to understand.

Archival file, Art Bell.

Source 1.Ed Dames as a guest on Art's show.
Subject the sun and as to whether or not the sun is inteligent.

*Exerpt from Dames, that his R.V. group was warned not to go too near the sun.

Dame's opinon was, that the sun was an inteligent enity.

Second source, was the Naviho Spirit Walkers.

*Saying from the Spirit Walkers to Dames as source file, that sun is alive and chief elder of tribe, had warned out of body spirit walkers, not to go too near the sun.

(When they blow off a whole bunch of nukes, this energy through an Einstin Rosenbridge worm-hole phenominon, goes right into the sun, which is very, or too concentraited of an energy for our central sun to handle._This means if the jerks of the future accomplish a full nuclear strike and this goes world wide, in some drastic way, as far as the sun and Earth's mechanics, this will effect both of these clestial objects.!. one the Earth is cronically aged and 2.The equalibrium of the sun, is also chronically altered.>We are really screwed, if this globe goes into full scale thermonucear war.

There was a certain perscribed distance away from sun, which was supposed to be observed.

>Reason I have asked you to monitor two targets, TT Wise.

As one, this thread does have something to do with time travel.
So if your using R.V. techniques, then how does your offered info relate to time travel?

Did you are are you going to go foward into the future?

There were some who had visitied here, who had said that they could go into the future, however did not offer structured data at that time.>See archival files in TTI?

Secondly, if you are going to go into the future and there is a war predicted as both Pamela Moore and said John Titor had said, then an R.V. time travel technique would be one way of assertaining if there would be such an event to come.

There are tellings all through some said aspects of a report, which say some qualities of the sun, have changed.

Art Bell himself, had even told of being privleged to a time in the future, were in the American southwest, there would be huge dust storms, eaking out a living from the above ground was almost impossable, however people in said future lived below ground as said by Art.

The only thing that I can figure, is that they got what they wanted, and now have skuttled to wherever they are now, at my cost.

I don't care what they do, as neither one have been forthright in their explinations to me, nor have they come accross with any information about the coming said catastroph in year 2012, which I am intrested in.

I don't care what these two do, seems to be a water under the bridge issue.

TT Wise, why did you even come here at all in this collumn to tell of your R.V. troubles and not in the paranormal collumn, which would host these types of complaints?

I'll tell you why, you knew that one of us would have a possable source target to go after.

There it is, if you can get smart enough to go after the goal.
Re: What the


I may be reading your post wrong, but it seems I hit a nerve or something. That was not my intention and am sorry about upsetting you, but I had to state what I thought.

I don't know if you remember when I was on asking for people to handle targets or not, but i stated back then that the whole reason I am doing this research is to try to be able to travel through time. Not in the physical sense, but through the power of the sub space mind. I have been able to get a 80% hit on almost all present targets and 78% hit on all past targets. I explained why I have not done future targets as of yet. when I am able to have a 100% hit by way of boosting the incoming data i will then take on future targets. I do not consicer RVing to be a special power that some have, but some thing all people can do. They just have to learn how to do it.

The sub space mind sees everything as clear as you and I see our reality. I am trying to clear that signal up as it hits the physical mind. The physical mind tends to contaminate the data and that is when it becomes fuzzy.

My project from the start has been about time travel. I want to be able to do it without harming the timelines I come in contact with. RVing seems to be the best avenue if I can clear the data as it hits the physical mind.

If any of you have an Idea of how I could go about clearing the signal I am open to suggestions.

Oh, and Trans..........if you read this I was wondering if my explanation made any sense to you. Also do you think using magnetic fields will help or is it a waste of my time and money to build them. If you know you could save me a lot of money and time trying all the ideas I have.

I still don't know if I believe the thing about the sun, but i am willing to try it. I will ask my target handler to put it in my targets for next month. It isn't a true "blind target", but at least I won't know when I will get it or what the number assigned to it will be.

I will post the data when I get a chance next month sometime.

Re: What the

Creedo has realized now that TT Wise has osmosed charicter of situation.

Satisfaction is presented to an extent.
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!


I feel a strong mental vibration when reading your post.

I have spent some time working on the mental state of adjusting my "sonic" vibrations (I can't think of a better way to describe at the moment, but I am sure there is a better way to describe it), and found out a lot, but also became a bit confused with so much input of knowledge at such a fast rate.

It has taken some time and distance for me to get my "normal" perspective back, without losing the memories, without losing the meaning and import. All has been slowly clarified and put into perspective as time goes by! One can really cause a ruckus if you are not prepared, because there are those that will take note.

But if your intentions are true and your heart is strong, so to speak, no need to worry.

Interesting that you would know the megahertz?

How was this measured?

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Re:Persper, Tran or TT-wise?

Please clairfy as to whom your are addressing please persperphone?

For the time being.

For generations to genrations each sun, is appointed a seer which can redily communicate with that sun.

This is not a game or a thrill however a very serious duty.
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!


You planning to fly a model aircraft via brain waves?
44 mhz is in the AM radio band used by radio controlled models.
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!


I have been able to get a 80% hit on almost all present targets

That's a weird statement. How does one get an 80% "hit" on a target? What's an 80% hit? (Or do you mean that you correctly identify present targets 80% of the time? Though "almost all present targets" is still a weird statement in the given context.) By "present" do you mean T_0?

What is the definition of "sub-space" and what is a "sub-space mind" (in your context)?
Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!!

Re Darby, statment by TT-wise means, via R.V.ers target data, means said, since R.V.ing techniques are an intended mental either perception or broadcast of thought waves, means ability via semi thought visualization techniques, to either hit target or percieve target, via mental signals sent, and or mental imagery recieved.

Similar to an average within sports endevours, Darb?

Please serch term, remote R.V. techniques, Target data, see USAF Major Edward Dames, ret. via yahoo is best serch, or archival data, Art Bell's files, interviews current, see latest posting infact, Art Bell.com.

Do not feel TT-wise knew what you ment Darb.