what theory of time travel do YOU believe in?

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I don't really know why i'm asking this, but what theories of time (and time travel) do you believe in?

Personally, I believe that time is, in a way, like a record. It just plays along. And just like a record, you can move the needle around to different parts, ie. traveling through time. But just like a record, if you went back in time, you couldn't change it, because it already happened. Let's say I go back in time to around when the dinosaurs were around. Now most people think if I was to say cause the extinction of a couple mammals, that could jeapardize the future, right? wrong. Because the "first time" that the past happened, (if that makes sense)I would have been there destroying those animals, and we know nothing would change, because I was alive now, and able to travel back into time.

I know that doesn't make much sense, but it does to me.

Celebi, I know you've been on this forum for some time, but would you please just stop diverting threads from their original topic? It's really annoying people. and what's with all the jargon you're saying? You're tryin' to sound philisophical.
My idea of time is pretty close to your record and needle idea. But I beleive the full concept of time is mind-boggling and difficult to grasp.

I think that rather than being a line (What's done is done and gone and the future doesn't exist yet), instead I think that time is absolute. Time is all that ever has been, is and ever 'will' be. In other words, all space and time exist in some parallel way, at once.

But the way the three volume dimensions of space and living things (and non-living) perceive and experience time is in a pretty much constant flow, like your needle of the record. And some mystery law of the universe keeps this flow of time relative to a dimensional space at a constant, forward flow, just as the speed of light. Perhaps these two are tied as part of some universal law.

Time travel to the future would be simple to explain enough, as well as time travel to the past. Think of the popular 'paper' space time concept where a wormhole between two different locations is likened to folding the paper over so those points touch and connecting them by punching a hole through. Perhaps such is similar with time.

And I don't beleive in paradoxes, but a branching flow of time. Like say you travel back in time 10 years with , say, a 5 Megaton nuke and blow it From a safe distance. Your actions suddenly don't disappear because you come from the flow of time where the bomb is never sent back. Rather you become a 'lost relic' of time and if you tried travelling back to your 'present' you will be in the future of the nuclear bomb time.

Rather, if you sent a bomb back 10 years by itself, timed to detonate soon after arrival, to you 'nothing' would happen. It's impossible for the effects of the explosion 10 years ago to take place suddenly in your present time because that's a paradox, and paradoxes are impossible. Instead, your time flow continues normally while the bomb detonates in an altered past and hence leaves it's mark on an altered, paralell future.

I have one or two other theories of what may happen but I've already gone on more than enough!

Raze, I couldn't agree with you more man. I was pondering upon a similar theory a while ago, but then I fell asleep and forgot it!
I would normally stoop to your level and write some mean messege telling you to quit yappin about nothin, but I have better things to do, so just use your imagination.
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