"The future ain't what it used to be."

What time is (my theory)



To know what time is you have to look at what we know about time. We know that the faster you go the slower time moves for you.
there for the slower you go the faster time moves for you.
Now the earth is spinning around its axis and it is orbiting the sun. And the sun is probably orbating some thing(a black hole or a larger sun that we see as a star) and that is orbating some thing and so on. Untell finnaly that is orbating around the center of the universe. And if you want to think about it the universe could exist in a multiverse and they could all be orbating some thing.
Any way if the faster you go the slower time moves then you can think of the universe apearing and dissapearing in an instant. But because there are planets inside moveing at high speeds and the fact that we are on one of those planets moveing at a hight speed means that the time we prosseave is affected by that speed.
So time is nonexistant if you can get your self off earth and standing still relative to the rest of the universe.
To make it short Time is a product of motion.
motion is a force that can be simulated.
There for time travel is possible.
Now this is all just my theory and I would like some constructive critasism, and to hear others ideas

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But there's also time dilation due to gravity; the further into a gravity well you are, the slower time goes. So even if everything stopped moving, there'd still be regions of differently-flowing time.

BTW, motion is not a force. It's a vector.
The gravity needs to be increadably strong for that to happen, Like in a black hole. But my point still stands the only reason we experiance time is because we live on this planet if we where on any other planet our perseption of time would be much differant. So Time travel would be easy to acheave if you could cancel the motion of the earth through the universe.