What was the time theory in "The Langoliers"?


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What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

Anyoneknow what theory of time travel was used for the Langoliers movie?
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

I don't know if you'd call it a theory, but the premise was that after a commercial airliner flew through the aurora borealis, (aka the northern lights) everyone awake simply vanished.

The people who were sleeping awoke to find themselves in the past, by only a few minutes.

So to make a long story short, (The movies about 4 hours) time begins breaking down. IE, engines won't start, food taste bad, etc.

Than they come to find that these creatures, which they call Langoliers, EAT the past. They got big mouths, with teeth like chainsaws, and their job is to actually eat the space-time of the past up.

They finally figure out a way to get home. (By flying through the aurora borealis in the opposite direction, go figure)

But since you have to be asleep to travel through it, they cut the air pressure or something to put em to sleep. Of course, someone has to turn it back on, so this one english guy sacrifices himself.

All in all, it had a weak story line, but I've seen it 3 times.

Hope I could help
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

You did help, but I was really wondering what the theory was that said that the past is just an empty world, like the past the peoople in the Langoliers went to.
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

Regarding "The Langoliers"...
my terminology might not be correct but what I think is going on in the "theory" used for this story is: the place in time that we find our selves has been created/comes into existance, in time which is moving, we as "life" are also animate and move with time but at a different level/rate so as each second is created then it has already passed and cannot be 'undone'(time doesn't stop) and we are continuously moving along the time line...to use an analogy...like a snail moves along the ground and leaves a slimey trail behind him; you can follow his movements back and all the traces of grass or stones he crawled over are there, in their exact position except for the snail itself!

Does this make any sense?
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

That might make sense, if it was just the past. I forgot to mention a part of the movie. When they went back through the aurora, instead of going back to their present, they arrived in the future. Than they got off the plane, and found an empty world again. But this time, the present caught up to them.

I personally don't buy this theory of time, because of all the holes. I mean, what if they blew up the airport before the present caught up to them?
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Your forgetting that the story was written by Stephen King, probably while stoned, not by a physist.
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The theory is that the present is created in real time by lifes' collective unconscious. The future, beginning as a bland "fog" jells into the present. Then after life "has been lived" within this reality, it disolves back into a featurless nothing with the help of the feeding Langileers.

Take a huge aluminum tank full of psychotics (ie an airplane) light it on fire, then throw it ten miles in the air during an electrical storm......and well some times strange things can happen.
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

Good cut to the chase Shadow! P.S. another interesting book is Forbidden Archeology by Michael A. Cremo but you have to be a weight lifter to pick it up.
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

Uhh, so is Back to the Future, Timecop, etc. Time machines are only in Movies.
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I'm not talking about time machines themselves, I'm talking about the theories behind them. Let's suppose you buy the langolier time theory. What good is it? You can only go back in time a few minutes, to an empty world, and than get eaten. Go to the future, and it's still an empty world.
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You said it your self JS, it was just a movie.I was crazy about The Matrix, but I'm not looking for a plug in my head.
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Does is matter if the theory is bad. There are theorys that people have found true to be bad. What if the bad theory is true. You can only find out by knowing about it. So we should investagate all the theorys, no matter how bad or good they seeme.
RE: What was the time theory in \"The Langoliers\"?

Yes, but in this case, the 'theory' is not productive. I know bad theories have sometimes been proven true, but this is just plain crazy. I mean, come on, Langoliers? Someone here has to agree that basing a theory on little critters that eat time is counterproductive.