What would it feel like to time travel?


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I was wondering would this be an accurate description of what it would feel like to time travel? I do not know much about physics. But would you see this bright flash of light and not be able to see an anything around you and if you were driving you would not even feel the steering wheel? Would it feel like you went through some kind of light field and not even be able to see your hand in front of you? and then when the flash of light disappears you would just be somewhere else. another time, another place?
I was just curious if anybody would know what such an experience would feel like? Im just curious.
Good question,

If you believe in the televisions version of time travel it may feel like a whoozy feeling..as if you are drunk or perhaps like if you had a tingling sensation..

If you believe in reality it could be a bit painful. As far as I can tell from just the basic laws of nature side of things...it may feel like being burnt alive at the stake on account of your molecules being thrashed from your body at an alarming rate. Then again it may feel like being pulled apart...or worse.

Both have their possibilities....so I guess in short I may have raised more questions than really answer any...haha.

P.S. In NO way am I suggesting that I KNOW what it feels like to time travel..so people please...don't go there... ;)
Hmmm, well.. if you somehow managed to survive the experience? You wouldnt be able to see anything, and you wouldnt be able to hear anything... aside from that... ever ride the gravitron?? Lol magnify that by a LOT and you can get a basic idea of what it MIGHT feel like hehe...
you mention that you would not see or hear anything. but is it possible you would not hear anything or feel anything.but you would see light.light everywhere filling everything. and then when the light disappears ,the same way it came in a flash but yet you are in it for a couple of seconds long enough to relize you cannot feel anything or see anything or hear anything and all you see is this light, light everywhere- you cant even see your hand in front of you. then you would just be in another surrounding different from where you were ? what would this flash of light be? It's more than just regular light because it is ,I cant describe it, thick light, unpenetrable , like a rush of light.filling everything and then it is gone.
Thats possable too. Its hard to say, you could experience a lot or you could experience nothing, depending on your method of time travel. The transition between the two times might be so quick your brain might not even notice it. There really isnt much of a way to say for sure, there really are no boundaries to the possabilities as reality is never truely defined.
Actually time-travelling would indeed go unnoticed. If you did acheive it, then the event would be unnoticable, even though it had "technically" taken place. The Chilcroft Laws of Temporal Displacement state that an event such as time travel would go unfelt, unheard, unseen, and definately unnoticed; to the observer (who is "time traveling")anyway. It seems paradoxial, but logically it would only be other people who could notice your transition in "time".
Time traveling would feel like going down a steep hill or nearly blacking out once you reached a high accelleration point. So maybe a little on the sea sick side.

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I'm sure that the physical sensations expereinced during hypothetical time travel would depend on the method used for travel.
I don't believe it would be anything you would notice. Your in a room, travel back five minutes and everthing would still be the same. Unless you look at the clock on the wall. No ill effects. How about traveling back five hundred years. Your in your room, next millisecond your surrounded by pine trees outside. Definate culture shock there, probably pupil dialation because of adjustment to a new environment within a very short time span. So you might be a little dizzy for a few minutes. Unless you believe all the jargon about having to be able to time travel at a certain speed. Then get ready for one of those disney e-rides, and one hell of a stomach ache.