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What's the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?


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What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Just an observation. Is it just me, or does every time theory we come across has some sort of paradox to it? Why does it have to always contradict it's self? What's that about? Just because time to us is a linear concept, must our thinking of the past, present and future be that way too?

I would think that if Time Travel were real, there would most likely be very little paradoxes. Very little way to notice a scar in Time/Space, of there once being an opening.

I would think then, that if a change in Time was made, that the only way one may be able to identify it, would be by a sense of Time dilation. Sensing something abnormal for a short while, then being zapped away. Like Déjà vu.

I know from my experiences, this has been the case and ways I feel when I knew something was supposed to be different. But anyway’s, that’s what I think.

What does anyone else think?

-Javier C.

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RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Activist, Everyone seems to be really worried about paradoxes but no one knows for sure if they would even happen. The best one I read was in an old issue of OMMNI magazine. A wormhole is bent like a horse shoe. A rocket flies in and shoots out the other end seconds before it entered. It has a collision with itself stopping it from entering in the firt place. If it never gets to enter then who hit it? And there is always the thought of going back and accidently killing your grandfather before your dad was born making it impossible for you to have been born. So if you were never born then how could you kill your grandfather? No wonder all these physicists go nutty thinking about this stuff!!!!!!!!!!
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Today, a déjà vu feeling I been struggling with to understand in my dreams when I was 9, finally resurfaced. Ok, here's the thing.

Either I visited this place before, which I doubt. I was speaking with one of my female co-workers today. Reading her palms, (that’s always a great icebreaker =) and I just flashed back to all the times I felt this expriences.

Not once, or twice again like the other times. But I felt it happen hundreds of times. I felt it that it's been in my dreams for a long time, that I could never remember.

And finally today, it all came crashing down. That event brought back unconscious experiences of actually being and doing what I did the other times. The exact same thing. Except, again things were different this time around
I don’t know how the feeling ended.

I should go in to get an MRI or EEG scan or something. I only work 2 buildings down from my office in the hospital

But anyway’s, just wanted to share.

-Javier C.

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RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

I don't think you need a brain scan but if you feel it would help cancel out being nuts then do it. You may be moving in and out of alternate dimensions through out your life or having time looping experiences or both. I'm far from an expert on anything but I really think there are certain people on this planet that are "wired" different then most people and this stuff happens to them all the time and no one else can even concieve of such things happening...you are probably one of these rare people and it really sucks because most people don't believe you. I do.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Hey thanks Mokrie, that means alot
. Your pretty rare your self too.

But I was kinda kiding about getting a brain scan. I would only resort to that, if the voices told me to do things I didn't like

But yeah, that's how my entire life has been. I wouldn't be suprized if I have a great purpose later on in life. Who knows??

Anyone seen X-Men yet? Great Movie, don't you think
? Hey I could be like Xavier someday, start a school for gifted people like me.

After all, my name is almost Xavier. Just without the X
. And the bald head.

Well gotta go. Take care Mokrie...

-Javier C.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Funny that the movie x men is out now, but that is what I meant. There are some people that are born with a gift or a curse to do or see what others never will. Quite possibly in a few more generations there really will be a new breed of humans that will be so different that they will be feared or hated by the "normal" people. Your in a rough spot since what happens to you is not understood or believed by most people. Maybe some day this stuff will be understood or studied more but right now the few like you struggle daily to figure out what the heck is going on.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

I have to think that a great deal of "paradox" that arises out of this situation, is simply our lack of knowledge of almost every feature of time travel. I mean to insult or belittle nobody. Simply, the more knowledge we seek to know, the more that we discover we don't know.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

I could'nt agree with you more, and as for how, (pray tell) are those, who yet to know themselves will evolve beyond this, is yet another isssue.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Why do most TT theories lead to paradoxes? Well let's talk about time for a second.

A hypothetical argument would be-

Since tomorrow always becomes today, the future doesn't exist.

The same thing could be said about the past-

Since the past is yesterday, and now is today, the past doesn't exist.

So, the present is the day after yesterday, but the day before tomorrow. But wait...there is no yesterday or tomorrow. Therefore, the present doesn't exist either!

So, if there's no Past, present, or future, time does not exist at all. But if time doesn't exist, than all events should happen as one. And since they don't, than time must exist. But if time exists... and on and on...

So you see, most time travel theories involve paradoxes because time itself is a paradox!

Now I just made up the last argument, and no doubt it's flawed. But it's easy to see how logical assumptions can lead to chaos.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

I was born gifted,
with genetic alterations
such as ecto derma displatia
and the ability to drain electricity from household appliances, people and animals
which explains why i survived being blown across a room as a baby when i stuck a key in an outlet

i also have many more genetic theories about myself but this one has the most proof.

tta, please do not respond.
(consider this as much of a peace offering as you will get)
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Time ye to come is considered the future
time that has allready occured from your current location in time is considered past
but this only applys to whatever perspective you curreently have, ie when you go to the past the present becomes future.

and as for time travel having to be possible since the begining of time i have an explanation for that as well.

about 3 months ago there was a partial planetary alignment (approx. 5 planets) this itself caused an added gravitational field which interferes with electro magnetic fields causing a bit of a merger between the two and what toped it off was solar max happening this year.

a few weeks ago i talked to someone from 1944
what happened was an explosion on the sun which affected the satelite transmissions and bounced the phone signal off of nearby planets, cosmic dust and space junk thereby affected by other gravitational fields from the planets used to relay the signal my phone call went to 1944

i also have experienced 3 paradoxes as a result of aanother persons time travel
one where an aquantince was on the phone and getting younger and younger until he was a baby where he was lost in time for about 15 minutes
another was when tta managed to "blink" me out of existence for about 2 minutes.

have to go!
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

Well what a way to sound humble Chaos. Just coming out and saying your born gifted, like if your the only one.

We're talking about thousands upon thousands of people being born every year gifted. Not just you
. Every single life is important... Someday you'll realize that. Maybe you'll also feel like changing your name too, Chaos

But anyway's, don't worry. I don't think I or anyone else wants to respond to you
. I just wanted to let you know how life on Earth really is. Spend some time on it; get to know the locals
. Maybe you'll consider settling down here, hehe.

-Javier C.
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

O.C. Gilg-
How did you know you were "blinked" out of existance for two minutes if you didnt exist at the time?
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

I was n the phone at the time and my friend thaought i was a person with the same first name but a different last name and seriusly couldnt tell the difference.
now when i ask him he has no recollection of the event
RE: What\'s the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories?

TTA, the only time theory I can think of that DOESN'T have a paradox is this: TIME DOESN'T EXIST. the theory states that time is simply a tool designed by man thousands of years ago to help keep track of things, and make them feel like they have some sort of control over the universe.