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For those of you who are interested in the phenomenon of "Crop

Circles," there is an interesting article entitled "Wheat

Graffiti" in the August 2002 Issue of Wired magaizine, on page

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Wheat Graffiti

A roundup of the top of the crops

By Daniel Pinchbeck

THEY SHOW UP EVERY SUMMER: spirals and interlocking rings, alchemical and shamanic symbols, massive mandalas and Mandelbrot sets, all cut INTO swaths of land — some as large as two football fields set side by side. These patterns, made FROM swirled wheat and flattened rapeseed, first appeared in the fields of southern England 30 years ago. Their mysterious origin caused a media frenzy until 1991, when two local farmers claimed responsibility for a few of the early formations. The press, satisfied that the whole thing was a hoax, decamped. But crop circles never went away. FROM the Netherlands to Japan to the farmlands of Canada and the Midwest, hundreds of new glyphs materialize every year — and they're growing in both size and complexity.

The spectacle has inspired a fresh crop of media attention. Signs, by Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, debuts August 2 starring Mel Gibson as a Pennsylvania farmer who discovers supernatural communications in his cornfields. Also coming in August is Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, a documentary by Emmy award-winning filmmaker William Gazecki. The film focuses on the robust New Age subculture of "croppies." In England, as many as 10,000 believers spend their summers tromping across the verdant hills of Wiltshire and Glastonbury prospecting for new formations. They include not only the expected druids, dowsers, and Deadheads but also more levelheaded types — engineers, astronomers, laser scientists, and biophysicists.

These croppies find a kind of scientific beauty and mystery in the phenomenon. Gerald Hawkins, former chair of the astronomy department at Boston University, thinks the artistry of the circles is based on mathematics. He has found hidden geometrical forms - pentagrams, hexagons, and other shapes — underlying the figures he's analyzed. Then there's Colin Andrews, an electrical engineer with a grant FROM billionaire UFOlogist Laurance Rockefeller, who claims to have found a change in Earth's magnetic field where the glyphs appear. Noting the recent increase in crop circles, Andrews says, "You begin to get the DISTINCT impression that there is some kind of program running here." Andrews, when pressed, tells of dozens of strange events that have befallen him during his 18-year-long obsession: stopped clocks, inexplicable power surges, ruined film. But the wildest stories come FROM the cult croppie philosopher Michael Glickman, a former architect who has been chasing circles since the 1980s. "The circlemakers are using shape and number and form to access parts of our being that have become culturally deactivated," he says. Glickman's theory is that the signs point to some type of dimensional shift due to arrive in December 2012: "Part of the program is reactivation — that is separate FROM whatever hard information they might be bringing."

Glickman's "hard information" refers to a moment at the end of last summer's growing season when crop circles turned away FROM the abstract. On August 14, an enigmatic human face, expertly executed in halftones, turned up next to a huge radio transmitter in Chilbolton, England. A few days later, a glyph appeared that many croppies believe to be an alien response to a SETI radio transmission sent INTO space almost 30 years ago. Formed out of expertly twisted wheat, the pattern shows a strand of DNA made with silicon instead of phosphorous, a transmission device of unknown design, an alternate solar system, and an extraterrestrial with a wide head.

One thing is for sure: The formation proves beyond a doubt that the life-form responsible for it has a superevolved sense of humor. In the words of Seth Shostak, senior astronomer for the SETI Institute, it's "good fun and a nice example of grain graffiti" — but not worth taking seriously. "If aliens wanted to communicate with us, why would they use such a low-bandwidth method?" he asks. "Why not just leave an Encyclopedia Galactica on our doorstep?" He also notes that SETI's original signal was aimed at the star cluster M13, which means it will not reach its target for 24,972 more years. The institute, he says, "has no interest in investigating the phenomenon further."


In 1974, an encoded radio transmission was fired INTO deep space — the so-called Arecibo message. Its contents included the numerals 1 through 10, the atomic numbers of elements important to human life, a depiction of the physical structure of DNA, our solar system, a human figure, and the radio dish used to send the message. Three decades later, a crop circle in an English field appeared to reply — with some interesting amendments (see below).

Silicon (atomic number 14) added to list of life giving elements
An altered strand of DNA
A new population value: 21.3 billion
An altered solar system
A picture of a big-headed humanoid, who stands 3 feet, 4 inches tall
A completely different transmitter

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Updates about crop formations in Teton, Idaho; Colt's Neck, New Jersey; Canada; and Winchester, England. See Canada report; U.S. report.

Wheat formation discovered August 10, 2002 on the Bryon and Connie Parker farm in Teton, Idaho,
associated with translucent orbs and unusual lights. Longest length 300 feet.
Aerial photograph © 2002 by Bryon Parker.

August 22, 2002 - More E-mails About Winchester,
England Formation. See report.

August 21, 2002 - More On Winchester Code Analysis. See report.


August 19, 2002 - Inside the Winchester Formation. See report.

August 18-19, 2002 - Winchester, Hampshire Circular Code Analysis. See report. UPDATED Comparison with 1991 Crop Formation

Aerial photograph © 2002 by Steve Alexander.

August 17-18, 2002 - Another Face and Code Appears in Hampshire, England.
See UPDATED report.

Face and code wheat formation at Vale Farm in the village of Pitt next to Crabwood copse east of Winchester, Hampshire, U.K., first reported August 15, 2002, one year after the August 14, 2001 face and code appeared at the Chilbolton
Radio Observatory. Aerial photograph © 2002 by Lucy Pringle, http://home.clara.net/lucypringle.

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Thanks for the web sites and the info you supplied.

From my knowledge I know that crop circles have been around longer than the new hype. They were documented throughout history FROM England to Africa and China and also documented on cave walls. So this phenomenon is nothing new. Obviously of course we have the fakers. But we need to also pay attention to history. How, why and what were the reasons for these images centuries ago?

I know a person personally who lives on a farm here in Wisconsin. She claims that she witnessed a crop circle being done. She was sitting in a little garden section of her corn field on a bench. She said to me that she "didnt see anything" but felt a magnetic static like never before. She said her hair and cloths were standing straight up on end and she heard a faint whirling sound like a tornado.

RE: \"WheatGraffiti\"

I tend to agree. I am not overly interested in this area of research, however, since when delving INTO Alt-Science and the like, there is so much that necessarily overlaps with the other. I am currently daily reading posts FROM about a dozen newsgroups at Yahoo, and have joined tow other web forums. An average mail day is 145-155 items, of the which I read about 25-35, replying to perhaps a dozen. SInce I know there are many hear who also want real information to look at, when ever I find something that is eye catching I bring it here.

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Text © Freddy Silva 1997. Photos by George Wingfield, Alick Bartholemew, Richard Wintle and David Parker.

Despite the disinformation campaign performed by the British government to quell public interest in crop circles in 1990, the formations continued to appear throughout southern England in greater numbers, larger dimensions and intricate designs. The first set of 'insectograms' appeared in the field next to Stonehenge, seemingly undetected by the ever-vigilant security teams. Several sets of pictograms involving 'keys' also manifested in the now legendary Alton Barnes area. One was a staggering 360 feet long.

Then came even more bizarre shapes- dolphinograms, six-pointed stars, threefold dumb-bells and other strange symbols. In one surveillance operation an entire field was rigged with perimeter laser alarms, super-sensitive microphones and overhead cameras. In the middle of the night a fine mist descended over the field. When morning broke, a perfect crop circle lay in the field and none of the sensitive equipment was triggered. It literally materialized out of thin air.

During the summer of 1991 some 600 new crop circles appeared. One of the most celebrated cases involved the British Prime Minister's country residence. This location, consisting of several dozen acres, is guarded against terrorist attack by Britain's most expert crack troops. It is a maximum security zone patrolled 24-hours a day. Yet despite these precautions, a Celtic cross design appeared in a field in FROM of John Major's house, one of the circles transformed INTO an arrow pointing directly at the residence. The media were quick to ask the Prime Minister if a serious breach of security had taken place. "No," he replied, "it was all merely the result of poor soil conditions."

This was the summer when serious contamination of formations began to take place. Some of the hoaxing was done by pranksters looking for attention, some by mischief makers. But, more sinisterly, it was also carried out by known government infiltrators who purposely added man-made features to genuine formations in a attempt to throw the researchers INTO total confusion. At the height of the hoaxing, an American tourist etched out huge letters on the side of a hill, 'Talk to us'. A reply came back a few days later when a most bizarre-looking formation resembling Hebrew script appeared at Milk Hill. Thought to be a hoax at first but since confirmed to be genuine, it was deciphered as a form of post-Augustan Latin and etched in Freemasonic script, creating two words: OPPONO ASTOS­ "I oppose acts of craft and cunning." How appropriate given the circumstances. To this day this formation represents the closest the Circlemakers have come to communicating in recognizable script.

Then on the morning of July 11 the British tabloids announced, 'NOW EXPLAIN THIS!'

At the foot of a Neolithic hill fort named Barbury Castle lay an enormous design, some 12,000 sq. yards in area. Local residents had reported mysterious lights the night before, accompanied by a loud rumble more intense and prolonged than thunder. A nearby town had also reported total loss of power, and its military base scrambled all helicopters. In the morning, the military sealed off all access roads, citing 'military exercise' as an excuse (incidentally, Salisbury Plain, which lies barely twenty miles further south, is a sealed-off military area of several thousand acres where the military always conduct their exercises. It is unheard of for them to seal off civilian areas in peace time).

One thing was certain- the government's official line that this phenomenon was a manifestation of mini-tornadoes was now seriously ill. For here was an unmistakable symbol, a design that is perhaps one of the most important in Hermetic philosophy (top of page, centre). It is a cosmic law, a collection of numeric, musical and geometrical harmonies which founded the prevailing ORDER in every ancient civilization. It is literally a depiction of the realm of God: it embodies the principle of the Three In One- the Father, son and Holy Ghost, with the Godhead at the centre; it is representational of the cosmic egg, symbol of creation where the three elements- mercury, sulphur and ether- are given substance by the breath of God and made INTO matter. The central circle contains the total area of the surrounding three circles. The sum of all circular areas comes to 31,680 sq. feet which, 3168 being the gematrian number representing Lord Jesus Christ. The same number was also revered by pagan religions as the number of the highest principle- the Creator.

A month later, yet another unmistakable symbol appeared, this time at the opposite end of the country near Cambridge University. It was a replica of a Mandelbrot Set, an important element of chaos theory which was discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot who, ironically, had taught at Cambridge. Even more coincidental was that this crop circle had appeared one year to the day when a lead article in New Scientist Magazine had admitted that it was impossible to draw this diagram without a computer.

Then, as if on cue, Today newspaper announced, 'THE MEN THAT CONNED THE WORLD'.

An article described how two elderly - and presumably extremely active - pensioners had made all the crop circles. Doug and Dave had sneaked out under cover of darkness, without either of their wives suspecting for 15 years, and constructed all the circles with a plank of wood, a rope and a baseball cap fitted with a ludicrous apparatus to, supposedly, help them construct straight lines in the dark by aligning the sight with distant objects (in the dark!).

The two men proceeded to demonstrate for all the world's cameras how they had done it. After several hours, the result was an embarrassing mess. A second attempt proved just as pathetic.

Doug and Dave were challenged to a TV debate with several researchers, including an authority on the subject, Colin Andrews. "Had they hoaxed the first formations in 1978 ?" "Yes," said Dave. Then Colin pulled out photos of patterns going back to 1971. "Who then had made these?" "No," they answered, sheepishly, "we didn't make those." And if they had faked 200 circles, as they claimed, by whom were the remaining 2300 or so circles created? They had also claimed never to have been active in the Avebury area, but this had in fact been the prime circle-making area since 1988. Who made the the Barbury Castle tetrahedron? And the Mandelbrot Set? Who made those in other parts of the country? And since the countryside was swarming with people on the lookout for hoaxers, how come they had never been caught? No answer. How had they created the anomalies, the mathematical precision? The more questions were asked the more they backed down their claims. In the end, even Doug and Dave were not sure which ones they had done. But something in their soundbite-style replies gave the impression that their whole scheme had been orchestrated.

A newspaper article credited the Doug and Dave story to MBF Services. After much reluctance FROM the newspaper staff, it was explained that a freelance press agency had passed on the story to the newspaper. When asked for the phone number of MBF, the phone was hung up. Investigations eventually led to a 'research and development' lab in Somerset where work is conducted on classified government defense projects.

Just before the Doug and Dave incident, a French government scientist had warned researchers not to risk their reputations on the crop circles, for shortly the British Government would engage two artists and would present them to the press as the crop circles creators, to "put an end to all the wearisome fuss."

But in the end the damage was done. The event demonstrated how quickly public interest in crop circles- or any unexplained phenomenon- could be deflated simply by presenting a pair of alleged hoaxers. Once again the public was given a logical reason to believe the whole thing was a joke
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