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Well, I know time travel must be possible or I wold not be writing this. As I am from the 58th century. Problem is every time we send a real born human back to in time they alter thier own reality causing themselves never top have been born or at least that's why I think I keep forgetting about them... As for us the complete negens, or genetically engineered Homosuperior, well, because the past holds no relatives of ours we can travel in and out of all times with no trouble 97.654% of the time. There was that one time, but that is being considered a freak accident. Due to the fact that we nugens have no relatives in the past we can do anythinng we want with no reprocussions. In fact I havew known a nugen to have a child in the 32nd century and it never efffected our world in the future, or at least I don't think it did. I guess truth be told I wouldn't havve noticed because a change in the time continuom that large would disrupt my memories and reprogram them to what really did happen. But at least he didn't cease to exist. Now the interesting experiment will to be finding if his child is anchored in the past or the future. We have determined that the time period you live in is genetic, so if one from the future and one from the past has a child its genes will hold DNA from both times. So of course he will be able to survive in the world he is born or he would never survive in the womb, but the question is would he be the first human to be able to travel forward in time. This is another paradoxical realm that we have had trouble with. If you see your future and you like it you tend to try to hard for it and you screw things up therefore you create the paradox before you even get back to your own time, the same thing happens when you see the future and you don't like it and you try to change it. For this reason the timestream is upset anytime someone is sent into thier own future. But it has never been tried in the method of my collegues boy, we will find out and I suppose I will report it to you at this institute because I believe you are truely interested.
Hello Xenovic. Several psycho-social specialists in our group have asked me to submit the following question to you :

Have you ever attempted to convey this narrative in a convincing manner to someone in a social situation outside the context of this site? If so, please describe their reaction.

Jon Formet
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I don't know Jon.....

Looks to me like you two guys are made for each other.
You claim that since nugens did not exist in the past, that they can go back in time without affecting the future in such a way as to negate their future existence. This is not the case.

Let's say that I am a nugen(sp?), and I go back in time. While I am hanging out in the past, I decide to take a ride on a subway. I get in line to get on a subway car that is already packed. My getting on the car, prevents a guy who would have gotten on the car from getting on. He would have gotten on the car, and then been accidentally pushed into a woman, who he would have a conversation with, ask out on a date, and eventually marry. Their great-great-great-great-...-grandchild would have been the world leader to convince humans to not fear nugen-technology but allow it to continue even though it would eventually result in the complete elimination of the natural human race. Instead you get on the subway, the two never meet, the leader is never born, and the human race, rather than being replaced by nugens, decides to kill all the genetic scientists, burn all the books, and begin a plan of deindustrialization to reconnect themselves to the natural world.

You, a nugen, are then never born, and time-travel technology is never developed.

But Ted Nugen-t is still born, still creates the rock masterpiece "Cat Scratch Fever" and still fights the good fight in favor of safe hunting to the utter fright and dismay of the PC vegetable-arian crowd.
Re:Re:Re:When am I

Interesting........ I've just concluded the same thing about you and SimonB.
Obviously your talking bull shit as changing their history would be a paradox and therefore impossible. Not even a good try mate.

(Please don't go back in time and wipe me out)
Re:Re:Re:Re:When am I

I thank you for the compliment. I could never complain about being considered in the company of someone who actually has something to say.
every litle detail you change in time has a great effect on the timeline.
A litle thing you change here might change the mind of the person who created NUGENS.
Being here is a danger to your creation.
I think timetravel is posibel, but when it hapens it will be our undoing.
Xenovic/Formet v. Lee/SimonB

RE: "you were made for each other" type comments

I propose a tennis tournament. With super-duper-space-age technology Xenovic and Jon Formet can create a tennis court that spans across a wormhole or similar space-time discontinuity. On one side (in the future) would be the illustrious team of Xenovic and Jon Formet. On the other side (in the present) would be Lee and SimonB. Everyone in both the present and future would be told of the match and allowed to bet one way or the other on the outcome. Thus the event would be happening "simultaneously" in both the present and future. All the wagering would cause the result of the tournament to be percolated throughout the present and future (e.g. irate neanderthalic husbands would either beat or not beat their wives depending on the outcome of their bet either causing or not causing their fetuses to miscarry either delaying/preventing or not the development of time-travel technology.)

Let the tournament begin!

P.S.: Personally I would prefer to watch the team of Kournikova/Hingis defending the PRESENT (especially if the tidal forces generated by the space-time discontinuity result in their skirts being lifted occasionally) but I don't think they would appreciate the win as much as Lee and SimonB.
Re:Xenovic/Formet v. Lee/SimonB

Thanx but no thanx Nolo.

Jon has revealed himself to be nothing less than some sort of spoiled childish urchin that never learned his mommy's manners. He talks only to hear the sound of his own voice. I have nothing further to say to him except "You haven't answered my questions". We had a snot nosed little brat like him here a few weeks ago but he finally came aroud to the understand that until he communicated with people, we would have nothing to do with him. We ultametly came to be friends but I doubt Jon has that much fortitude. If fact the 8 year old child of which I speak was a bit more mature in his manner than Jon.

If Jon chooses to cut the crap and answer my questions, we can talk again, otherwise I have other things I'd rather focus my energies on.
Re:Look Jon, why don\'t you and Xenovic go and masterbate in private?NM

May I add a little to the blurb here? Thank you.
Listen Jon and Xenovic, don't you have some super-secret futuristic sort of communicators that you can talk about these things over? It's just really annoying to hear your immensely condescending tones and honestly I have no clue why people of your supposed stature would be even remotely interested in our mundane banter when you claim to already have mastered the concepts that we discuss here. Please go away so I can read the comments from these truly intelligent people who never cease to impress me, without your annoying banter in between. Please find another board to post on like maybe the Star-trek, or even the Delusion-addicts anonymous site.....it seems more suitable for your states of mind.
Re:Re:Re:When am I

Interesting........ I've just concluded the same thing about you and SimonB.


I kinda' like his humor, lol...
Reminds me of my brashness when I was a young piss take.

It's nice to see SimonB is still on the board ten years later -
changed the nick after server switch?
Problem is every time we send a real born human back to in time they alter thier own reality causing themselves never top have been born or at least that's why I think I keep forgetting about them

I think that line made my day