"The future ain't what it used to be."

where and when would you go if you could time travel?


to any one how will answer?
where and when will you go?

now i would see the sights and travel the world. first i would see the rted sea being divided by moses. then i guess to see king david kill goliath. i wouldbn't go the egypt and see the first passover for i am the first born.
think of your placed and time and right me.

As anyone who has read my other posts, I would go back to 3 July 1999 to a small town in the Midlands in England and save my son.
I would og and see Jesus be born. And i would go way back and see the garden of eden befor they ate from the tree. And I would liek to watch as they did. Seeing my own birth would be kinda cool. but back then they didnet let the father watch so I would have to just see me after I was born. I might also try and stop my self from thinking I was superman and jumping form a tree house(hey I was a kid kids do dumb stuff) I wopuld want to go and see every thing. Moses come down with the tablets
and see the pyramids built. and visit Indian tribs befor white people took over.
an ywya htat is a little of what I would do. that and go to yesterday and pick myself up and ot to the day befor and so on untell there was enuff me's to play a me on me full court basket ball game. any one passing by would be really weirded out by like 20 guys that all look like me.

Well that is what I would do
hi bo,
i think i would go back and see jesus cursified and come back to life.

to hopeful,
i wish we could all go back and do something different in are lives. like the country song says the best blessing is the unanswered prayer. if you listen to the song
my life is like the song.
hopeful i hope you can receive some blessing so you can get over your childs death(i am not being mean)
You never 'get over' a child's death, you learn to cope with it and unfortunately I have not yet learn to cope. Maybe in a few months I will be able to but now I am looking for a way to save him. I have had some promising feedback and a lot of religion poppycock thrown at me but I am getting stronger.

like i said i didn't mean to be mean.
i was in a church for ten years and i have see and felt the blessing of god. i really do hope you can cope with your child's death soon so it won't eat you to death.
but it is nice to wonder if you can travel back in time to try to save your child and maybe that is the answer for you to cope with it.
What awesome power you could hold if only you could travel back and forth in time. What would I do ?? I've often wondered.. I used to think I'd go back to the 60's and try to find a way to keep my parents from grtting divorced. Which pretty much ruined my childhood. Actually it destroyed it. Or did it? One never really knows. If I was sucessful in my plan, what would it mean for my life today. I would be someone else today. I would have never met my wife, never had my three kids, never had my first grandson. Or would I?? I probably would have married someone else, had different children, the possibilites are endless.. If you take a right turn and end up in a car crash. Would you have been alright taking a left turn instead? Who knows? You might have ended up getting caught up in a high speed police chase, maybe saving someone's life somehow, or maybe causing someone's death. So, I don't think traveling back in time would really serve any useful purpose. We're here because of things that happen as they do. This is what makes us who we are today. Like it or not. What would really be cool is to travel forward a day to get the lottery numbers in tomorrows paper. But what if as you were looking through tomorrow's paper you saw an article about how you died in a freak accident because someone who always took a right turn on his way to work, took a left instead. His gas somehow stuck to the floor and he salmmed into you as you were walking across the street.... What If ??!!!
I believe not everyone wants to change everything happened in his/her past, we all know something is unavoidable. But somehow there are something avoidable if we could go back and change it. For instance, a mistake you made in the past, a stupid mistake, which is avoidable if you travel back in time and tell yourself not to do it. This won't change anything happen in the rest of your life. Maybe you had stolen money from a store, and if you go back and tell yourself not to do it. I believe this will erase a part of your history only, not a matter of change everything later.
Kevin, I could have coped with anything like a rotten childhood but to loose a child is the worse thing in this life I can assure you. It is OK for you to say what if, but you haven't lost a child and until you do (and I hope that never happens) you can not judge. I have got about 150 'what if's'. I only need to change one and my son would be alive today.
I'm very sorry for your loss... I would't begin to judge you.. I did however lose a sister. I was young at the time. And I now realize this might have been one of the reasons my father decided to drink himself half to death. Looking back, I probably would have done the same. I hope someday you can find some peace..
Say you were able to go back, find out they really did.What would you do with the knowledge you possesed? If you tried to tell anyone, they would think you were just another nut trying to get into the National Enquirer...
If i could go back in time, i would want to see what killed the Dinos. See if there really was an Atlantis. Prevent the hippies in the 60's. Take sometime in the past and try to get a role in the Dukes of Hazzard. Prevent my sister from being born or kidnapp her and put her up for adoption. Bring a few dinos to our time and make a real Jurassic Park.
Why do you hate your sister so much? Surprise to hear that.
For me, if i could travel back in time, i would like to go back to 5 years ago to change some bad history of what i have done.
Too Kevin...
Well with the knowledge it would be useless telling anyone, due too the fact i'd probably be killed and there would be a mass cover up as per usual.
What about you K what would u do?
Where would I go you ask.. Well I think going into the future would be a tragic mistake. You might find out some things you might not want to know. Or you might find out something and somehow blow it, and it doesn't happen.(I guess I would just be too scared to know the future.)But my favorite time of all is the late 1800's. Around the time we were settleing the west. I'd love to see it firsthand with my own eyes. But alot of the things we did back then to make this country what it is today shouldn't make us proud. But it happened just the same and I'd like to see it.
If I can travel to the past,I will go to Berlin,around 1910-1939 and kill Hitler before he rises to power.And then i can save millions of people!