"The future ain't what it used to be."

Where is the Justice?

I’m sure many have now heard about the President having knowledge about the terrorist’s attacks of 9-11, well over a couple of months before they happened.

The TTA and Cat, where some of the first who brought forth this speculation of the President knowing about these attacks before they happened, and doing nothing.

I’ll make this short and simple.

If we continue to refuse to hold our government responsible, we accept their actions of lying to us.

Had they really valued the thousands of American lives that were lost 8 months ago, we would have heard something, anything. Right? What’s so complicated about that?

Nothing… But according to the government and the News Stations doing their PR, it was, and that is their excuse for doing nothing… Pathetic.

Now the question must be asked, where is the justice and morals of this government? What are its principles and policies? Continue to lie to us to prevent fear and massive hysteria?

Does that really justify us not knowing what’s going on?

And now that the truth is told about it, are they just expecting us all to just roll over, accept it and be okay with them lying to us this time, and every time.

With their track record of lying to us, can we really trust our government from ever telling us the truth?

What more does the government hide from us? Shouldn’t we have a right to know? After all, they are not God, they do not have any right to keep us ignorant of things that are happening. Where is the “Freedom and Justice for all” in that? They may just care about protecting their own job, and doing a half ass job at that with it, but it is our lives that are at risk.

It’s a hypocrisy… Doesn’t anyone see that?

Does anyone not see the moral implication this places on each and every single citizen of this nation? The responsibility falls on every single one of us.

For it is “we the people” who says what goes. And if we do nothing about this, and offer the government no consequences for these actions or shall I say inactions, of protecting us, we slit our own throats in the end. For it is our vote that counts, and saying nothing, merely makes it an accepted policy.


P.S. Why you may ask I am such an Activist? Especially when it comes to people coming in here with their New Age crap, and TimeTravel wanna happen stories?

It’s quite simple… Because it’s my moral implication of telling people the truth. And if I never said anything, but knew what to say; then who knows what kind of forum this might have become. What would you people then think of me for allowing it to be a haven for New Agers to spread their ignorant views of the New Testament or cause some Time Travel Cult to happen where many would flock to someone believing he is from the future?

Inevitably continuing to make reasonable thought in the threads non-existent. Thus balance needs to be restored
RE: Where is the Justice?,creedo in social fare:

On the WTC debecale, what do you expect when half the Arab world sold short on their stock holdings, on both United and American Airlines?

They estimate the amout of stock sold short, at over to two thousand shares.

In the inteligence community, we were the last to know, or were some of us the first to know?

2.On new age crap, which I feel any more,(new age) is an irrelevant term.

Two things I will give you are; Carl Jung's records of people who either had said they were haveing contacts with peoples from other planets, or past life expierences and the passage from the book Earth The Pleiadean Keys, saying that an agency from the Sirus System, had shot a special beam into our sun, in the approximate year of 1972.

To an extent, all of our DNA codeings, are stored within this central sun.

This beam was only ment to awaken these old identies, in some of us, so that we would have a social identiy outside of what a formalized goverment tells us we should have.

I know for the fact that they shot this beam 1.

This is no way had effected the operation of our sun, however keep in mind that this sun of our, is by this books as well as others telling, is a mild varible and does go through modulating periods of expansion and contraction.

In no way, should we be fooling around with nuclear weapons, as our main defence grid, to to;(multi-scailer inhearent instabilites, noted with semi-expansive suns), but it does seem that we are doing this?

This notation is per your recient comments on Russia and the U.S.//2.

Please keep in mind, that's a lot of horses in those nukes, when you set a whole bunch of them off and do you know where this multifrequency shuntted power goes?

I'll let you guess on that one TTA.


I would also like to mention. Of course after the fact of September 11th everyone can notice the huge increase in the stock market and the government in demand of security devises.

Wasn't this something that Bush had wanted well in advance when he was running for his candidacy? He ranted and raved that this country needs to spend more money on military defenses following in his fathers footsteps.

Well as we can see with his presidency he has obtained his wish. And as TTA states above in his posting that our government knew well in advance of this threat! Well why than didn't Bush intervene? Perhaps he allowed it to happen as a necessary evil to get his way in the matters of security for the country and just views the victims of the WTC as casualties of war! Sad to say isn't it. And we all notice how none of the Bush family was anywhere near the WTC when this occurred. And as we all know the Arab world cashed in on their stock and bonds with the airlines in advance before the destruction of the WTC.

The final product of what we are left with on account of this terrorism is not the Arnold schwarzenhager/predator men of war but gentle hacking cyber warriors! THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Yes they are a great asset! But when it involves intruding and spying on the neighbors emails or tracking down IP address and hacking into a strangers computer. This goes above and being their call of duty! IT IS ILLEGAL WITHOUT JUST CAUSE!

Then one has the right to ask, Where is my FREEDOM? :O