"The future ain't what it used to be."

Where is this forum?


I'm brand spanking new, and I'm wondering if this board is worth going over every now and then? Has it always been this dead? Where is everyone? Why is everyone? When is everyone?

Excellent question…! Let the TimeTravelActivist (TTA) ME :D help fill you in on the dire fate of this once great TTI forum, now turned ghost town and inherited by Creedo (no offence Dan, but in a way you are like the new sheriff in town around here

Once there were many great posters, I being one of them
. New topics were beginning and ending daily, the dialogue concerning TimeTravel was at an all time high.

But suddenly all that changed, a few immature children came in with adamant outlooks to destroy established religions and embrace New Age idealism. In a matter of weeks they managed to take and lure my most trusted friend, and turn against me.

Creating havoc and ruining everything for everyone… Politics & betrayals plagued this forum, causing all hell to break loose and true colors to be shown.

In it all, the one and only voice of reason (yours truly) pleaded with them to please mend things and bring things back the way they once were. (Unknowingly this would cause an irreversible outcome that not even the TTA would be capable of stopping, or helping)… Showing truth and common sense, I too was vanquished and cast out for the mistakes of others that I myself attempted to rectify.

But of course, if you do not believe me, you are free to research this and find out on your own the truth.…

This forum has been a lot more then just a place to discuss TimeTravel, to me it’s been apart of my life, an area where I have helped to write a great story. History will look back on this forum and tell it’s story for what it was, it will show the characters for their character and judge them accordingly.

This isn’t to far from the truth in anything else we do in life... And unfortunately, it’s also the reason to justify TimeTravel in the first place, In the End~

Re: One of the ghosts of Christmas Past

Friend Goat of EarthTR125.0121

I would really like to answer where has all the people gone to. Most are simply passive observers, studying what the ones who post are presenting forth. Some have gone, that is true, but most of us are here. It is my experience that from time to time we all experience certain periods where a lack of inspiration is present. What the TTA is telling is true...in part. There were certain individuals that rejected the ideas of others, ridiculized them and I believe that many were greatly discouraged by this practices.

I am not in the position of pointing fingers, it would go against my principles of observance, but I do tell you that great topics were discussed here, and there were great theorists, but they were given the cold shoulder, lad.

Now, feel free to express your ideas, you will be respected as every single being should be.

Until later becomes now.
Re:If you have a Johnson, it can\'t be a Ralph?

I beg to differ, the forum, considering the circumstance, is just fine.

Hey all who read and post here, we've been through a lot of changes and because of the now information glut on time travel, yes there is a little staleness; but not overly stale.

Look the said work of Dr. David Anderson and his tensor oblates, so causing a standout from zero time, was a the infact new basis, for the redo of H.G. Well's remake of the time machine.

Darby of the Anomalies, net, said Anderson was full of bull feathers. I don't feel with the new information placed on light as a tensor value, that Darby was really correct in his assessment of Anderson's work.

Anderson sold everything, however his concepts were brilliant.

I was enamored, then befriended, then had missing time and strange bite wounds then fell out with Pamela Moore, then grew to respect her and let bygones be bygones, all on both the Anomalies and Time Travel Institutes board.

She still won't say why she had posted the very weird info about the Ong's Hat web site or why her and CAT who use to post here, were utter claws with each other, but what the hey.....?

There was the Jewish period, where this board was not good enough, unless the Yiddish influence crept into both physics as well as religion.

There was TTA, being a bad bad boy, but hey, he lived and learned though it and became a better man.

TTA's not perfect, but Ill tell you, he has a fine, fine sense of intuition.
I would not dare match this skill against anyone's else.

This is because TTA, like the finest social hound dog in the world, smell when something is rotten and says so.

We definitely need people like this one the TTI board.

There was Swiftinfo, from Canada, who was trying to score funds on a> I've got to warn you, from the U.S. Government, as well as other governments, on psychotonics machines.

But Swifty gave a bit, however did laude himself also.

There is our veritable Raul, our beloved MOP, who once got so pizzed off, that he lock threaded an on-board conversation.
Told us all off about argumentation.

There is probably lots of hidden history, and even Titor had lurked here....? From what Pamela Moore has said, however for some strange reason these archival threads, seems to disappear and then reappear?

The Anomalies.net board, as of recent, has had their own staleness argumentations.
Those people, for the life of them, can't figure, that if Titor had sucessed in using a time ship that simulated a black hole.

Then this would not be a true black hole, however only a machine simulation, which would approximate the workings of a true black hole.

There was even a raid from Anomalies, against this TTI board; but it was all in fun.

There are newcomers here, such as Rachel, and others, who are interested, who hold junior posting status.

All I can say, is look up those archival threads and in the past postings, you learn both substance as well as motivation.

Nope, this board is fine, and I'm glad it's here.This place is kindof a meeting place for all sorts if you will?

I could say something like, "Hey everybody, TTA is making spaghetti at his place tonight. So its bring your own refreshments and he will foot the cost of the grub"!!
Re: old thoughts, new suggestions


I do have to say that for a very long while the topic of time travel could not be spoken of without discussing concept of a metaphysical magnitude. But the truth is that you can not go about studying the world and then try an understand it without all the incumbent variables in place. Thus we can not discuss one thing without the other. It has been like this for many generations now and it has lead to a great deal of confusion. It is not that we are all going now and mix spirituality with the most obtuse physical concepts of science, but we should bare an open mind and understand that most of what we consider religion today is all part of a great scientific treatise lost to ignorance and time.
For example, we can not discuss time travel, without it´s repercussions to a linearly design awareness, therefore we have to explore the most fundamental aspects of our philosophies. We all want to travel in time but have we stopped and considered that we are building a vessel without knowing the medium where it will exist. Our ships move on water, our planes on air, we can not simply suppose that our chronocronic vessel will move in time and that is it, no we must know what time is, of what it is made off, what constitutes it, what is the array of it´s composition. Possibly by knowing what makes time we could even start to understand how to move through it.
We have to know it as the elements we know exist in our multiverse. Once I said that we have only learned about the elements we can see, but believe me there are many other forms of raw "materials" out there, time is but only one of them. However until we stopped the attitude of not giving value to the things that we can not normally fathom, we will only be scratching at the surface.

Until later becomes now.