Where is Time Travel 0?

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.......? Did he leave because he felt he may actually have an impact on this time since I showed up? That's when he seemed to stop posting...maybe I become someone famous or something and he's waiting for me to become disinterested in this site so it won't affect me or this world's future...?

but seriously where did he go? back to the future?
Dear Timetravel_0,

I appologize for I have not addressed you in a while. How is everything with you? I am doing well. I was thinking of the time I was in Pensecola Florida. The wheather was good there when I was there for my A school. Oh-well I guess I should go now. Please have a good day( or night if that is when you read this post).


Edwin G. Schasteen
You didn't answer my question before...What are some important names in the future? Like leaders and such? And who is the American Federal Empire? Are they the good guys or bad guys?

Explain! I need to know more.
Hey man, why do you want to know? Do you really buy his story? If so, was it easy for you to get convinced? And if so, what else have you been convinced into doing

That last question was just out of curiosity, the rest I really am interested in knowing.

-Javier C.