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RE: White hole, defintion:

Rerciprosical balance between differing dimensions.

Source Thursday's Child, by Marica Bartsuiack.

This happening occurs constantly as a hole within time and space, which ejects particles, near and one large specific gravity body, such as any one large planet.

The said occurance is a one onehundred-thousanths of a second and appears as a flash within the upper atmosphere.

These occur as fingers which are the white hole shape, almost similar to lightning and occur constantly, or frequencly depending upon what type of body these phenominon appear close to.

The ammout of particle ejection is not known, but suspected to be at light or relativly low mass.

White holes are not worm holes, although the mechanics of their operation are similar.

Worn holes are larger distortions of time.space and occur within a stableized fashion, for a controlled length of time.

White holes are very important, as they act as conduits, or partial waste delivery systems, so that one dimension does not overload on energy.

The tennet within the universal energy constant states, that one system can neither take in nor give off energy and mass indefinatly, or that systems eventually becomes unstable to itself.

Think I've said enough, hope this helps? creedo 299 in his wonderful glorius technical phase, yeeah!

RE: White hole, defintion:

I'm not sure what you just said, but I liked it! Thanks Creedo.
RE: White hole, defintion:

Eighth senatance group down, should read worm holes, not worn hole.
RE: White hole, defintion:

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It’s obvious that’s you Creedo. But what’s a matter, don’t want to post using your name anymore? I see you find fault in the way “worm holes” is spelled. Well all I can say about that is: have you ever taken a look at your spelling

So are you planning on posting again someday? Perhaps for now only lurking around the dark shadows and peaking in?

Maybe in time when all the exposure of your self dies down, people might forget you were full of it. And you can resume your Alien stories again.

But luckily for us, the TTA doesn’t forget that easily

Now I’m not going to be picking on you every time you post. Only when you dare make threats to people and invade there private lives again. This whole week has given you time to reflex on all that you’ve done. And I hope it has taught you a valuable lesson about being manipulative. Don’t do it, or else the TTA is going to make you pay for it :P.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
RE: White hole, defintion:

Hi Joe,

Dont mind Creedo he was probably listening to his Ricky Martin CD Livin La Vida Loca when he posted his black hole report in his glorius wonderful state!

I can somewhat describe a white hole. They are vanilla black holes.
Incidentally, black hole were once referred to as frozen stars.

What is a white hole? They are symmetric in time. Imagining that time flows backwards rather than forwards. Applying this rule to black holes you get an object known as a white hole. A black hole is a region of space in which nothing can escape. The time reversed version of a black hole is a region of space in which nothing can fall. A BLACK HOLE CAN ONLY SUCK THINGS IN AND A WHITE HOLE CAN ONLY SPIT THINGS OUT. And if you fall into a black hole the interior of a charged or rotating black hole can join up with a corresponding white hole in such a way that you can fall into the black hole and pop out of the white hole. This combination of black and white holes is called a wormhole.

RE: White hole, defintion, source recantation:

Very respectfully Mam' what you've said is not correct.
RE: White hole, defintion, source recantation:

Well Sir,

Than please correct me if I'm wrong! I don't proclaim to know everything.

I would certainly like to hear your version of Gary Wright-Dream Weaver.

RE: White hole, defintion, source recantation, CAT:

Yes, an aquaintiance of my sister was inebreaited one time and heard this song playing and thought they were singing, (green weiner).
RE: White hole, defintion, source recantation, CAT:


I have to admit that's funny!

But what part of my posting was wrong? was it the Ricky Martin comment or the Black/White Hole info?

Anyhow I know I am leaving myself open for attack on this one! But I cant resist! I sometimes dub the words to the song of Gloria Gaynors-I Will Survive and this is how it goes:

First I was afraid, I was petrified! I could feel a strange commotion deep in my backside, I had spent so many nights trying to contain the pang but I grew strong and my arse burst into song and so my gas had come to pass, as long as I know how to fart the world can kiss my @ss. I got all my life to live, I got all my wind to give, Its fun to fart, its fun to fart...

RE: White hole, defintion, source recantation, CAT:

The term you want is physics to describe what you arer saying.

Sacred geomemetry is a past intristic term, which describes the past doings of other civlilzations.

Pick up Vallie's book Return To Matagonia and you will find that many, many off-world civlizations have visited here to Earth in the past.

A lot of these civilizations had left sacred geometry, so which one is right?

Good guess on a rotaining black hole, however all black holes to a certain extent rotate.

White holes are more akin to fingers of constant lightning, that go off all of the time, however are small ports of exaust.

Thank you for the reply Dan:
RE: White hole, defintion:


The explanation you gave for a white hole is the current theoretical understanding of white holes. The one gave from Creedo must have come from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. If you've never seen this sci-fi show, it is absolutely hilarious--the funniest show I have ever seen. It is much on the lines of Monty Python(it is an English production), but places far in the future. They even have a place called Resturaunt at the end of the universe where tourists can "time jump" to and watch the end of the universe. They leave before it gets to them, of course.
RE: White hole, defintion, no it did not.:

This is old dated work, which goes back in theory to 1988, via theories placed fowards.

As I had said in my origional post, text sighted by Bartsuiack and no other text.

You suppose and make generalizations, therefor what you had said CAT is totally inaccurate.

Why would I read the Hitch-hiker's Guide when I have read many many other text on a colleagate level?
RE: White hole defintion:

The relationship between Black and White holes and Wormholes is in a whole SACRED GEOMETRY!

The mathematical implications are staggering its a whole new multiversal language as well as a map to the heavenlies! And encompasses Time Travel in its entirety

RE: White hole defintion, \"well that too, CAT?:

Well ahh-e-a yes that too, but can you show me?

I mean do you have one that you can redily show me?

By the way, this tirade on Eschalon, (that web site you had offered) CAT, does Dr. Alan Blatecky's doings really get you that badly bent out of shape?

I to like you, do not feel that one should have a secret camera focusing in on them, as they are using the bathroom stool??!

However what are we supposed to do CAT-a-maria Albergetti?

Do I catch a flight down to San Fran and then you and me like Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo go after Darth Dr. Alan in South Carolina?

"I get it now, we' Darth Alan and I are fighting at the top of a cellular relay tower and I am swinging my computer mouse at him, but he raps me in the nads with his keyboard wrist foam rest.

I am about to fall and he extends his hands to me, saying, "I am your father's sister's brother's room-mate"

Before I let go and fall onto your milineal Chevy Impalla, "like through the roof", I yell what does this make me? and Darth Alan says, some kind of neighbor, but don't kiss my daughter.

Wait, we need a droid for our great adventure, we will recrute TTA and morph him into C-Th-TTA, or C-th-T&A See that tits and A**.Not exactly C-3PO, but he'll do, hmmm??

When we get tired of TTA talking too much, we can simply turn him off.Great idea, yes, no?
RE: White hole defintion, \"well that too, CAT?:


Each time you speak this way, my spirit draws to you. Do you not realize what depth to the negative forces you sink? The product of your seed pines for you. It is of near age to contact you. Do you not want to draw near? Come to us Daniel. We will be waiting
RE: White hole defintion, \"well that too, CAT?:


<Well ahh-e-a yes that too, but can you show me? I mean do you have one that you can redily show me?>

Well for starters pertaining to Sacred Geometry the web sites I supplied are vague. But they might help to plant the seed of thought as to its connectivity to all life and possible TT:





<By the way, this tirade on Eschalon, (that web site you had offered) CAT, does Dr. Alan Blatecky's doings really get you that badly bent out of shape? Do I catch a flight down to San Fran and then you and me like Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo go after Darth Dr. Alan in South Carolina?>

Yes as a matter of fact his doings and whereabouts I am familiar with at Carolinas Raleigh Navy base.

<I to like you, do not feel that one should have a secret camera focusing in on them, as they are using the bathroom stool??!>

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes well if the sh!t wasn't coming out of both ends, the plumbing wouldn't be so backed up!

RE: White hole defintion,

They’re calling for you Daniel. You really pissed someone off now with your stale humor. I can see your still a bitter man after losing to me. But it sure was funny when I called you and listened to your paranoid rantings
. I laugh my self to sleep every night thinking of your dumb-ass paranoid reactions, hahaha :P. That really was funny.

Hey everyone, if you think Creedo is funny on the posts, wait till you talk to him on the phone. He’s as much full of it on the phone, as he is on here. And it’s really funny too if you get him off guard with a voice disguiser and say scary bits like “Don’t become a category” or use secret phases like “El Ceso esta verde” (means the Cheese is green). You’ll get a guy who’s really worried, and looks out his window once anyone calls

Try it out, and you’ll see what I mean. You can find his number on any internet white pages. I like to use www.switchboard.com my self. Just enter his name and location that he so generously supplied in his many lame ass Alien posts, and you’ve got’em. Easy as 1-2-3

Yeah, no

RE: White hole defintion, \"well that too, CAT?:

Real nice stuff CAT!

I'm supprised and very delighted at what you have shown me.

You have a flair for knowing the right spots to go to, just as Gary Voss did.

I know there is a God and I'm not placing religious lables here. However I do feel that in a lot of ways that this God does subcontract a lot.

Maybe this is why there are so many versons of religion?

Garey and I go back to the same family root in Atlantis, however he was from the aeristocrisy and I a lower station.

All I remember was, that I was some kind of trooper of some sort, other than this, blanks?

There was some sort of tie between Gary and I, in the past, family blood, that did not sit us well.

This is why Gary and I after a while did not get along well.

I felt horrible at the genetic expiermentation, as well as the use of captured slaves back in Atlantis.

There was a contingent of them that had left Atlantis prior to it's sinking.They had space travel and relocaited within the Pleides Star System.

The founding Pleiadeans do not appear similar to the Atlantian sected Pleiadeans.

The founding sect, are shorter by physical stature and brown haired for the most part.

Gary never said that he felt guilty at what had happened in past Atlantis, however I did.

I felt extremely guilty and I've made appologies.

On Nazies within this society.

Yes I know that they are here.

I think at times, I have met a few, however do not hold their party line.

I firmly belive that because of how any one planet situates near a star, that certain amount of mealnin are produced, and so are physical charictics.

I do not, hold the line of arryianism as being the way to harmoney within the future.

I can only point ot the test The Fieldguide To Exterterrestials as my proof source.

With as many differnt stiles as there are, of beings, within this universe, I personally do not see why any one race would want to look all identically a'like.

I've always felt this way and even at a young age, became extremely intrested in other cultures.

Re' the note by Clara on there are Nazies here?

They were so perfect that they married into South American countries.So all of these cultures appear blond haired and blue eyed?

What was it shown via Star Trek, the John Gill episode.

This guy John Gill was from star Fleet and had felt that if a society could be run benignly using protofascist logic, without some of the pitfalls made by the Nazis, then this would have been a benevolent socoiety.

Same rotten dung, but with a differnt twist.

Sorry CAT, I'm within the phylosophical range tonight.

Again thanks for the sci-info list.

This was very nice of you to do and if I can return the favour, let me know.