Who's the older in here?


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Who\'s the older in here?

We talk about time, who have been registered on this forum for more then 1 year?

I just discover that (cool gadget), you can found funny informations about registred users (by cliking "who" icone over the reply). You can know the number of post the person posted, the time he had been registred, stuff like that.

So I was wondering who was the "older".

I didn't check every post to "track" people, you can keep your confidentiality. I just check out for TT02112, man! You'll have been here for a year (in june), and you got an average of 1.6 post per day, that's cool, it demonstrate your real interest in the field...

I don't want to push anybody to register, for shure it need the guts! I'm kidding
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You see man, I have not been posting here much in fact this is my second post so far, mostely what I do is I only read the stuff what others are saying and I might add it's very much worth knowing what others are thinking about this subject. I don't want to post too much about what I think about all this cause I just have this feeling that it might be leathal for whatever reasons.
RE: Who\'s the older in here?

were you talkin' bot me dob?
ya that's right, i have posted much here, and been here for a very long "Time" as well.
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Posting on this bulitinboard can be leathal? I didn't know that. And I suppose one wouldn't know untill it was too late.

The way I look at it is if some one is trying to punch my ticket then they would have to be going after the least important people first. Frankly I think they're just to damn cheap to pay for the bullet. Too if cracking a few political jokes and thinking about time travel rates as an excuse to bump somebody off, well then THEY DON"T NEED and excuse do they.

Why plug people one ant a time when you can just start a war and get every body at once? Hell they are already trying to get us all with AIDS, food addatives, and sky high "healthcare" prices.

Leathal is being frozen with fear.
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Shadow: you're so hard on the newcomers! No wonder that you became a sort of black sheep, do you enjoy it? I do. Why it is always going political on your side of the arena?

I really like your poemes. See, my knowledge in english is not good enough to get your whole dialect, I think a get mostly 75% of it, I feel that the last 25% is going no where, am I right?
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*shadow you are so hard on the newcommers*


*why is it always politics with you*

Its not. I only put in as much as I think I can get away with.

*I don't know much english"

I do, I should, its my first and only language. I think you are getting better at it. Hell, you make SENSE!
Thats better than a lot of people can do.

*dialect....75% good, last 25% going no where*

Cool. I never thought in terms of having my very own dialect, but I guess every one does, to some degree.

Words are like passenger cars. The meanings in those "cars" are like people. Be ware that I like to send cars that have been jam-packed full of clowns, or even the occational hit man. (Figuratively speaking of course.)I do not send out EMPTY cars. Not on purpose anyway.

If any of the clowns in my employ offend any one, take it up with them. Thankyou.
RE: Who\'s the older in here?

I hope I didn't push it too far, I didn't want to upset you, but I know you was not. If I told you that, I knew that you could absorb it with no problems. Sometimes I feel the same, when I'm in that beat, I don't care to get the wave back...

You're a nice participant anyway, you like politics and you play the pocks as nobody does it here, in the forum.

Well, thank-you for encouraging both of us to perfect our English (that it seems to be good enough, almost), and have a good week-end. (I respect, either black, white, pink and blue sheeps, I'm not racist at all!)
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I don't think you got my point. What I meant was that sometimes a pen can be far more leathal than a sword. You see time is something that was not meant to be altered in any way, just like the evolution. It came to be by itself and that's why I'd rather not see people talking about this subject, cause "if" somebody figures this whole thing out they can seriously f**k things up.
So me, I'll keep on reading your stuff, but I'm not giving others any more ideas. It's bad enough as it is.
RE: Who\'s the older in here?

All attempts to time travel will fail. The true nature of time does not allow for time travel. Therefore, sharing ideals will cause not danger. The end results will be the same.