Why does time travel at the speed of light?

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Why is it said that time travels at the speed of light? Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks it's a bunch of bs. Wouldnt time travel infinitly? That seems to make a bit more sense to me.
Causal effects travel at the speed of light in the universe. In order to express time in terms of length it is necessary to multiply time by the speed of light.
"causal effects travel at the speed of light in the universe"
what the f#!$ does that mean?
freak 'ol boy

I really applaud your intrest and attemps to understand this shit. What you really need is to go back to the more basic subjects and start from there. If you really want to know you will. But it may take years of study, hit the library and read from those who have been there already. Its psychology, physics and wicthcraft all rolled into one.

We don't make this stuff up, we just try to learn form the masters and try to make a coherent picture from it.

There are two kinds of time. Time as 'now' which is the realm of mass and energy (ie light). Time as 'then' is the realm of mind and spirit.

The passage from then to now usually involves "the speed of light". Light is standardized motion and therefore acts as a clock.
I realized today that time travel can not be possible and if it is possible then it would be completelly unrealistic and useless.

If one(doesnt matter if it's a Wave or a body) on earth chose to go back in time ONLY lets say 6 months, then basically they would end up in the middle of no-where since earth is always moving around the sun and at that time it would be on the other side of the sun, Now I don't see anybody or anything that would be able to predict how to exactly get where they would want to...
I mean we're talking now about the whole galaxy which is also constantly moving...

i calculated that the earth is moving apox. 29 km/s around the sun so if somebody went back (OR Forth) even for 10 seconds, they would end up 290 km away from their departing orgin (in whichever direction) like how the hell do you measure stuff like that ???

can somebody comment on this ?
the world needs more people like you.
You think realistically.
If people figured out how to "travel" through time, I'm sure they'd figure something out.
After all, since scientist must Always be right...
The inertial properties of the earth are not a factor in determining the temporal displacement of accelerated photons, nor is it a factor in an accelerad temporal displacement experiment.

If we considering a person on a trampoline. The person and the trampoline have the same inertial properties as the earth. As the person jumps he maintains the same inertial properties. If he did not he would not land on the trampoline. We can be
convinced of this fact if we consider what would happen if this were not true. There are three inertial velocities relevant to the person on the trampoline. 1)Rotational velocity, 1037 miles\hr 2)Earths orbital velocity, 66638 miles\hr 3)Orbital velocity of the solar system, 671080 miles\hr. If the person makes a jump that last 10 seconds and does not maintain these inertial velocities he will be displaced relative to each by a value that can be determined with formula ( distance = rate x time ). Since no displacement is observed we must conclude that all inertial properties are maintained even when contact with the earth is not. We can generalized this statement to include all froms of energy. It is also clear that all spatial inertial
properties will be maintained through out any acceletated temporal displacement.
What this means is if time travel is possible then a time machine does not have to be a spaceship.
wow, thanks on those 3 inertial velocities and the displacement formula, but would those inertial velocities be also maintained for high speeds such as 'c' or beyond 'c' ?

and also will a hovering chopper maintain all the inertial velocities, if it hovers lets say 5 meters above the earth for a long time like couple of hours ?
Timemaster, (I know somebody that loves trampoline)

Your assumption is correct! one does not need a time machine or a spaceship.

I can bear witness to human flesh being dematerialized!

But the brutal truth is that this technology is available "now" from the future. This technology has visited us as far back as history can record itself. Its not only in the hands of the scientist or the historians, but unfortunetly in the hands of Gestapo's and government manipulators "Men that play G-D" that have irradicly influenced and changed our governments which has inflicted our society with a surpressing invisible virus of control over mass humanity!

If your going to invest all your hard earned time and energy into figuring out the mathematical theories on how to build a time machine or promoting time travel. Put "more" energy into thinking of ways of building devices to counteract the dark forces of this malevolent technology for humanities sake.

It's often in the winds of change that we find our true direction.

Bravo CAT (or should I call you CAT the TTActivist
, nah that’s my name), I couldn’t have said it better my self.

I’am proud of you, your a chip off the old block

I have another idea how our government and Time Travelers can control us.

Anyone ever hear about Nano-bot technology?

Well suppose that you had these tiny little machines go into your brain and copy every neuron, and transmit wirelessly the data back to a computer that would then recompile that data to create a model of your thinking process.

How a brain scan copies what thoughts are being triggered when certain images are shown, so can this, and much more.

I read a few articles on this a while back, and I should really search the Internet for anything new on the science and post it.

I mean, think of the possibilities this technology can have on people, if a lot of people were being exploited like this? Knowing people’s likes and creativities and using it to make movies, music, and write novels. All forms of uniting people.

Bringing people closer to a collective of all thinking alike and being on the same wave length for a common purpose.

New Age, Spirituality, Religious, Government. To me, they all guilty…

But what would be the alternative?

The Truth. Knowing the possibilities of manipulation and taking steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

A fair, just full society, were a government does not lie to its people for fear of national security, and were they feel it’s their duty and responsibility to play God with us.

Something’s got to eventually give, and people finally say, “Enough is enough.”

The maze has been run many times, we have come to the end of it, now it’s the time we are told the truth.

How much longer can they keep this cleverly established charade going?

Things are getting old day by day, and we are nowhere closer to the answer.

But it’s eminent. That’s a given.

Well just something to throw in the pot of temporal conspiracy’s and the such.

Just wait and see what develops when we stir it

We will rock this world when we do.

Let’s see them try and stop the critics from letting the truth be known.

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>>>>enough is enough<<<<

No actually Howard Beal (in the movie Network) said it better:

"We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!"

My point is that with TV brainwashing people a billion at a time, who needs to fuss with some scrappy nanobots that only want to eat their masters.

Our toys have captured us already. We are the borge. Eh, who cares.
Cat here,

Yes TTA I am very familiar with Nanotechnology and Nanobots!

The typical medical nanodevice is a micron to be bloodborn for capilary passage throughtout the human body and bloodstream. They have the ability to swim through the blood or crawl through body tissue along the walls of arteries. they can have different shapes, colors and surface tecture depending on the funtion they must perform. There are the robotic manipulators designed to do a particular job. These Nanobotics receive signals from the doctor who uses a ultra sound transmitter device which encodes waves and frequencies between 1-10MHz to give the nanobots commands to modify the human body. The doctor has the power to turn them on or put them into dormantcy.

Carbon is the principle element in the Nano Chip in the form of a diamond because of the chemical strengh and enertness. Many other light elements such as Hydrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen, flourine, Silican are used for special nanoscale gears and components. Each Nanobot has its own biochemical DNA Social Security Number.

Consider this that a "respiracytes Nanobot" was placed into the bloodstream and sent to the lungs. You could than hold your breath for nearly 4 hours under water or you could run an extra 15 minutes before taking a breath.

Nanomedicine will eliminate virtually all common diseases of the 20th century, all medical pain and suffering and exstend human capabilities MOST ESPECIALLY OUR MENTAL ABILITIES!!!

Consider that a Nano structured data storage devise measures the size of a single human liver cell which is smaller than a neuron could store an amount of information equivalent to the entire library of congress! If implanted it somewhere in the human brain, such a device could allow extremely rapid access to information which can have a most important long term benefit as well as downfall to human society to creat monsters of war or invelids of piece! Are we human or AI?

In closure, my silent concerns include "who is controlling the Nanobots?" "who are the Nanobots talking to?" Organizations, governments, religious, cultural organizations or just a clever individual could put trillions of undetectable Nanobots in the water or food supply of an individual or an entire population! These "spy" Nanobots could them monitor, influence, and even controle our thoughts and actions and control humanity.

Shadow, how could you say who cares?

Hey Shadow, I guess the clothes is a staying on tonight ehh

Ahh don’t mind Shadow tonight CAT, he’s in one of his moods. His girlfriend wouldn’t give it up to him

I, on the other hand greatly enjoyed reading your post. It was very informative, and thought provoking.

This is real stuff, not made up Hollywood drama. It’s scary, of what’s really a reality if we allow our selves to be controlled by our governments and other organizations. I.e. Illuminati.

"We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!"
(Thanks Shadow for the movie quote, I found it far more adequate for conveying in my post how I truly feel. Got any more

Hopefully that would be the attitude we will have when the truth can no longer be denied.

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If the orbital velocity of the earth was equal to 'c' then it would also be maintaned by all objects on earth. This is because objects resist changes in their state of motion. This property is called INERTIA.

As for a hovering chopper, it will also maintain inertial properties without regard to altitude or duration of flight.

What technology are we talking about?

The "dematerialzation" or the "Nanobots?"

If its the dematerialzation I can only bear witness to what I have seen several years ago with my own eyes. And trust me its still under scrutiny and heavy questioning.

If its about the Nanobots. This technology is in the forfront of science. Exsperimentation is underway at present moment.


Hmmmm thats a trick question?

I would have to say it could be from the future as well as the past! Maybe time doesnt pass at all, its just an illusion to our environmentally consious minds. Or perhaps multidimentional? I cant say for sure. It could be a combination between alien entities and genetic progression of us in the future. I think these forces work together and trade information at secret military bases.

But it you want my honest opionion I think its function works primarily with Frequencies and Vibration (FVR). There are dimensions in hyperspace where life forms could be capable of traversing time by altering and speeding up the frequency modulation dispering atoms and causing a shift in time. It might appear to look something like dematerialization and rematerialization.

Time Travel might be possible by following the intergalactic lines (IL) which function through meridians and connect star systems.

But head my warning that the main purpose for time travel is to advance our spiritual growth. Its about time travelers manipulating us and controling humanity!

Maybe TTA (the TimeTravelActivist) can better clarify this for you. (read some of his past posts.)