Why is it desired?


Chrono Cadet
I was pondering the reason why it is so many people are fascinated with time travel, particularly with travelling backwards in time. And something struck me, is the reason why people are interested in going back in time because they are unsatisified with the particular path they have chosen in life? I mean why would one really seek and look to the past. Well, one possible reason is that they are unsatisifed with their present and wish to capture the possibilities that were available to them in the past.
I have thought about this to. Sure, there's some things in my life I'd like to change, but I've already lived them. Changing them would just keep my alternate from experiencing them. Why should I spare her all the crap I went through? :-)
my passion is not only for the physics of time, but also the quantum vacuum, vacuum energy sources, and antigravity. they are all directly linked, and this website seems to be a great place to look for new ideas and philosophy on one particular part of the whole science - time travel. The people on this forum are seeking answers, and in doing so come up with not only unique ideas, but also miscellaneous information on the entire alternate science subject. I do not specifically desire time travel, but if it were proven, it would go a long way in opening the minds of the general scientific community, allowing a huge surge in the research of "alternate science".
One good reason for travelling through Time, into the past, is that one would have the advantages to see, and experience things as they truly were then, and visit places that even in your own past you missed out on, due to a lack of "Time" or rescources to trvel there.

I always wonderd what the rest of the world was really like in my own past as a young child, seeing it again in, through the eyes of an adult, would certainly be worth the visit! not to mention travelling throught different locations on the planet, I've never been.

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