Why time travel is impossible..

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what the heck you talking about? why, we have 3 or 4 time travelers from the future on this forum alone.
creedo and john titer time travelers that come to mind, you don't think they would lie do you?
well actualy time travelers do tell the truth because we know from experiencethat in this century hardley anyone believes us and the ones that do believe us are regarded as crazy and arent listened to very often

Posted by:LT R Dukane
timmy wrote:

>>If it were possible, wouldnt we have seen some people come back from the future? <<

Some folks make the connection between UFO visitations and time travelers from our future. Indeed, with the recent Mad Cow Disease issue rearing its head, one could make a logical connection with the cow mutilations we have all heard of. Beings from the future coming back and analyzing cows to see how (or if) we are progressing along a timeline that would lead to the CJD/Mad Cow eventuality.

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its possible, coz of the speed time relationship.
present is never standing, we can make it stand at a speed travelling with time.
time is an instance its compared with speed of light.. it just means eXtremely high speed, but this speed can cause infinite mass as acceleration is increased, if we can fight the pull and get infinite energy we've done it. for this we need a ppm ( perpetual motion machine) if we're willing to believe in past travel thrs got to be a ppm and if this is true its against one of the laws of newton i don rem. wch one. i think 3rd one.. i believe that if a pulling action is made instead of a thrust with electromagnetic fields attracting the vehicle in a circumference of tubes, it could be possible, but thrs trouble again for the centrifugal force if it turns out to be a circular path, i dont see any other infinite route which wud suit, if anyones got another idea do write in.
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A lot of people use this argument (why don't we see them), but that argument is wrong.

a)Why would time travellers need to visit our time of all times? The Earth already exists for five billion years.

b) As is said in this topic, it is possible that some ufo's are time travellers of the future, although I don't believe in ufo's, but you can't exclude the possibility. And if this would be the case, then it could also be possible that they can disguise theirselves so that we don't recognize them.

c) It is also possible that one can only go back to the time that time travel was invented, ex. if time travel is invented in the year 3000, then you could not go back to any time before that period.

So that is why you can't use this argument against time travel.
as for these time travelers on this forum, i think most of it is just BS. like that timeline_39 guy... john titor called them worldlines, not timelines. and his posts are just stupid