Why we don’t have time travellers


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Hello there! For several weeks now, I’ve been pondering why the fermi paradox even exists. Why time travellers and aliens don’t exist. Please provide any potential explanations in the comments section. How the hell, even after Stephen Hawking’s party experiment, are we still looking for them?
Anyone who showed up to Hawking’s party would have to give up a lot of their life to just dealing with press and instant fame, and time travelers may just not want to do that. There could also be a particular reason why none showed up. Or maybe, that’s just what they are telling us.
Yup actually i think that if someone would there there identity would have been uncovered by hawkings, So possibly yes
A reasonable explanation of no aliens is no one has “heard” us as yet therefore they haven’t had any reason to be curious about us. We’ve only been broadcasting EM radiation for a little over 100 years. So the only exoplanets that might “hear” us are 100 LY away. TOI 700 e is 100 LY away and is probably earth-like. We don’t hear any EM radiation coming from it. EM radiation reaching TOI 700 e today from Earth is likewise 100 years old. If there is life on TOI 700 e they weren’t broadcasting radio energy 100 years ago. Planets farther than 100 LY won’t have detected our beer commercials.

So, the answer is we don’t detect life on other planets, or have visitors from them, because maybe they hadn’t developed the technology to transmit EM radiation 100+ years ago; they are so far away that our radio broadcasts haven’t reached them; or when they do develop radio technology it will take another 100+ years for their “reply” to reach us once they have detected our signals. Or, they consider Earth girls boring.

Time travel is another story. We first have to discover whether or not it is even possible to time travel to the past. At this point in time the consensus is it is not possible to travel to the past. Relativistic time travel to the future is not only possible, we witness its effects every day. We see it in the GPS system and have to constantly re-calibrate the system to account for the relativistic effects of fast moving satellites. We see it in the atmosphere when cosmic rays traveling at very near the speed of light collide at the edge of space with air molecules, scattering as Kaons (K-mesons). The Kaons should decay before reaching the surface. But due to relativistic effects caused by their near luminal velocities they manage to be detected on the surface before they decay. Those two situations alone verify that Einstein was absolutely correct with Special Relativity.

So, why haven’t we seen time travelers? It may be that it is not possible to time travel to the past or Earth cr today just isn’t very interesting to time travelers. I keep in mind that Michio Kaku (I’m not a fan) postulates that if time travel is possible it would only be available to Type 2 civilizations and beyond. Those civilizations would be able to harness the energy of an entire star. In his postulate that is a few thousand years away from today. We are a Type 0 civilization and would have nothing to offer a Type 2 time travel enabled civilization. Therefore, why did no time traveler show up to Hawking’s party? It might have been a bore but more importantly, they would need the energy of their star to make the trip. What would be in it for them to justify the expenditure of the time an energy just to visit the hairless guinea pigs on Earth because one of them who sat on a mechanical chair and was an occasional UCSB visiting professor wanted to throw an Isla Vista/Del Playa keger? Or, they consider Earth girls boring. 😇
Actually, I saw a meme in which aliens were seeing us on the eve of new year and wondering how stupid we are, our host planet has completed a revolution around the Star and we are celebrating it. LOL. I think we should you are Energy and time resources wisely and be more specific on overall development of the Civilisation.
There are several reasons that the fermi paradox may exist. Some ideas of why it does include the Rare Earth hypothesis, or communication is simply too slow. Or they just dont want to communicate with us.

Time travelling may not even be possible for all we know. However, assuming it is real, they probably would not want to show themselves. People may want to target them because they want to know about the future. If time travelers do exist, this is probably why they won’t want to reveal themselves.
@lemon - Welcome to TTI! 🙂

By the way, from all I’ve read and learned, I think it’s highly likely that time travel is possible. What is your belief?

Also, judging by your username, would you care for a glass or bottle of lemon soda? Just making a joke. 😆 It’s always good to have a sense of humor.

P.S.: I hope your feelings aren’t hurt by my last paragraph. Are they? It was certainly not my intention to hurt your feelings!
I believe that time travel to the future is possible. I don’t believe it is possible to time travel to the past due to how many potential time paradoxes there are. Also, we would most likely have to travel faster than light in order to time travel to the past. That probably isn’t possible.

And yes, I would like a lemon soda.
@lemon - The way I see it, as well as many other people do, is that the past, present, and future are all interconnected. So that would allow time travel to the past, assuming the connections to the past are open. And if you did a little research on the topic (i.e. try typing “time travel true stories” or something like that into the Amazon search engine while searching for books), you’d see that there is a strong possibility of time travel to the past.

As you can see, I’m convinced it’s possible to travel in time in any direction. As for the paradoxes (i.e. the grandfather one), it all depends on what you change in the past. For instance, if you went back in time and actually killed your grandfather, you wouldn’t cease to exist; but you’d be creating a separate timeline or alternate reality. As for traveling faster than light, I strongly believe that’s possible because I figure that if the sound barrier can be broken (which it has), the light barrier certainly can. I could go on and on about this, but if nothing will convince you of the possibility of faster-than-light travel or time travel to the past, we can agree to disagree.

And I’m glad you like the idea of a lemon soda, particularly a yellow one, unlike the mainstream commercial lemon-lime sodas that have a clear color like that of water or seltzer.
Actually, I saw a meme in which aliens were seeing us on the eve of new year and wondering how stupid we are, our host planet has completed a revolution around the Star and we are celebrating it.
Exactly! We (hairless guinea pigs by comparison) are celebrating one trip around the sun and they are scratching their antennae and thinking, “WTF? Celebrating one trip around a star? And Earth Girls are boring.”
Perhaps this, right now is a boring part of human history. I’ve heard that in a video I watched last week. That’s a possibility.

We’re still in a state of internal conflicts and warfare, threatening our own survival like most other dumb single-planet species out there. We might very well go extinct before we colonize Mars, let alone a planet around another star.

It’s possible the aliens know dozens if not hundreds of boring races like us. They’re not visiting. They’re watching us with alien popcorn, betting on who’s going extinct first and who’s not.
@Num7 - From what source did you read that? It sounds like something that was taken from the mainstream media.

From my experience, these times aren’t boring, but exciting. These are not normal times, that’s for sure. There may be internal conflict and warfare going on, but that’s all part of the plan. We are in a war to end all wars on this planet.

For centuries, if not millennia, the numerous wars we’ve had have been caused by an evil, wealthy elite, known as the Deep State, or the cabal. The notion that we are on the verge of extinction is propaganda from the mainstream media, and I believe God would never let the human race go extinct. The ETs that visit Earth are here either to help us or hurt us, depending on whether they’re good ETs or bad.

Also, who’s to say the human race never colonized Mars or other planets, even those around other stars? I believe all that has happened a long time ago! It’s just that we’re not being told by the mainstream media, and I think that the notion that the mainstream media is telling us 100% of the truth is pure madness.

I’m not trying to be offensive. I’m trying to express my opinion, and I’m encouraging you to keep an open mind.
@Num7 - OK, Why Files may not necessarily be a part of the mainstream media, but it might be influenced by the media. The Deep State or cabal has infiltrated every or almost every aspect of society, and only in recent years have the good guys begun to fight back. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clearer.
I’m open to all the possibilities that you mention - even the wild ones like humans visiting Mars or other star systems in the past. I’m 100% there is a cabal controlling the narrative and what we know of our present and past.

But I’m curious as to where the time travelers are. This is similar to the Fermi Paradox, except it’s for time travelers instead of aliens. If time travel is possible and our era is interesting. Where’s everyone? Where are all the time travelers?