"The future ain't what it used to be."





In this communication I wish to show you the one essential thing in your practicing the Presence. Give up struggling with the outside world, and relative things, for this is the cause of all frustration. Calm yourself and ask the question quietly, "What am I struggling for, or what I am struggling against?"

Some are struggling all the time against sin, with the result that they live miserable lives and want everyone else to do the same. the cure for this is to take hold of the Tree of Life and let go of the Tree of Good and Evil, then there is no longer any struggle for when the Presence is recognized, there is Love, Wisdom and Healing. Immediately one sees that there is nothing to fight, there is freedom. It is like one struggling with the darkness, immediately you bring light to the darkness, it disappears.

To hold on to two extremes opposing each other is the cause of the double-minded creature, who can not get anything from God because he misapplies the Law.

To have the Presence, you must wait on the Presence, knowing it is there, with the mind held firmly in that direction. When you hold the two extremes in your mind, struggling to get one out and struggling to get the other in, you have what is called a double exposure. When two exposures are made in the one film you have distortion, so the mind is confused and ruffled and that calm state necessary for the reflection of the Presence is missing.

Some of you are struggling with disease similar to those who struggle with sin. We are witnessing this useless struggle going on, only making conditions more difficult.

If you think of disease at one end and health at the other, you assume there is a distance between them and you struggle to bridge the gap. So health is always in the future, like tomorrow it never comes. It is just where the mind of the thinker placed it, a place away from where "I am." I am the Presence - and Presence is Love, Wisdom and Healing and is ever-present with you all.

Our aid to you in your healing is to impress your mind and the patients' minds of the immediate realization of the Cosmic Oneness - Cosmic Wholeness. There is no outside it and no division in it; it is ever present in its wholeness. Let go of the self-created idea of disease. Infinite Mind does not hold it, neither should your mind hold it. When you realize that your mind is the reflection of the Infinite Mind there is no longer need for struggle, the only condition being sustained acceptance.

Most people who suffer are continually acknowledging disease and are possessed by the idea of it. Some struggle with it by denying it, thus giving it a power it does not possess, and this creates in the individual's agitated mind a strong recognition of the power of disease. Denial of disease when it is felt in the mind and body only fixes it more firmly there and tends to disorganize the mind.

Again I want to point out the similarity in the Tree of Good and Evil, where there is always conflict and frustration. Your religious leaders are hypnotized by the power of evil and can see nothing else. In the mind thins thing is being given a power it does not possess. How can there be a power of evil in the omnipotent Omnipresence?

Your Bible tells you that you must not partake of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil for by doing so, you die in your sin or ignorance. This tree has its growth and roots in man's mind only. In your ignorance you create this dual nature within yourselves, so you mentally divorced form the Garden of Eden, the Garden of the Soul (Cosmic Wholeness) because you cling to your ignorant belief of your duality, double-minded creatures!

Jesus, when he healed the sick, asked "Wilt thou be made whole;?" in other words, believe with me and thou shalt be free. His wholeness was complete in the realization of "I and the Father are One." But this has to be realized, not merely said without understanding. How can the mind be free if this is not thoroughly understood? How many truth students today crumble at the last hurdle? You may as well fall at the first since the fall is not so heavy, then you can get up and go on with true experience. I will have more to say of this further on.

You must be one pointed with regard to the Tree of Life or the Presence. It means the same thing only in different phraseology. You will appreciate by now, I hope, that the Tree of good and Evil is relative and not a reality, its growth is in man's mind and this blinds to the Truth of the Cosmic Wholeness. So the fruit of this Tree is of his own growing and he eats thereof, or otherwise feels and reaps the effects. Freedom comes when we discern the cause within ourselves, not merely denying it. This ignorant denying has been the cause of many abandoning the very thing that would be of help to the individual in suffering. Some may say that this teaching is the same as other Truth teaching only put differently, but you have only to examine it closely to see it is different - chalk may look like cheese, but it is not cheese.

You are Spiritual, made in the image and likeness of your Creator, you are His reflection and to have this reflection you must cease struggling, cease to crave, for this causes conflict, confusion and sorrow. God's Reality is your reality, His Presence your presence. I wonder how much you realize this great Truth! "Raise your hand and take hold of the Tree of Life," in other words, become aware of the one Life, the only Life. I am that Life, you are that Life, "I am Alpha and Omega," the end is in the beginning. Within yourself is the proof of this.

This is the great Truth that must be kept alive. It was the Truth that Moses and Jesus were sent to reveal.

The story of Adam and Eve is an allegory. Adam and Eve are represented as a wedded pair. Adam represents the body and Eve the Soul. The soul is the builder of the body and the deception or wrong thinking on the part of the soul who eats of the Tree of Good and Evil reproduces upon the mind and body of the thinker what he or she thinks. "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."

The erroneous idea which is prevalent amongst you all is that some mysterious way can be found to relieve man of his responsibility and will make him free from the obligations of Life and free from his problems. Most of you are waiting for an escape. The only escape is to discern the cause within yourselves and when this is seen and dealt with fearlessly and without struggle, there is a clearing of the way for the Presence; the Presence can only operate by your giving is reflection through you.

I told you previously that the immortal Spirit, the Christ of God which manifested through Jesus, "the Light of the Solar Angel," is in the world helping all to meet their problems with that calm, steadfast feeling, light and glad, open to the Presence, never shrinking any responsibility but with courage and confidence going forward without limitations.

Associate yourselves with the power of the indwelling Presence of the Infinite Intelligence - your Silent Partner, let Him speak through you and work with you. He is the greatest of all and the servant of all. He is Love, Wisdom and Healing.

Do not have your mind filled with the idea of demonstrating your ability to acquire things. Most people desire the truth only inasmuch as it can get then this and that, and many do demonstrate small things and sometimes big things, but as this grows it creates a vicious circle with the mind centered on things, with the result that when the most cherished desire is not forthcoming there is a deep inward struggle that causes havoc, the mind collapses and with it the body, and all the things acquired are of no avail, they are left behind. This is where some truth students are utter failures and do much harm to others. The answer for this is, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God," God's Kingdom within oneself. All things are there, there is no need to struggle or demonstrate, "the Presence" does it for you. "Whatever things the son seeth the Father doing the son doeth also in like manner," the Father does not boast, neither does the true disciple - only those filled with their own importance do this stupid thing and this is proof that they still believe in the limited self. The true disciple does not care whether people believe in him or not. His mind is far above these petty things. He sees the one Life running through all Nature and binding all together in one Universal whole, and throbbing with its Vital Wholeness. It is this Wholeness that is termed "Holly."

Love and Reason must equally balanced, both taken together must preserve that calmness, alertness, without fear; that poise against all impacts from without which might tend to throw one off balance.

You must become aware of the presence sufficiently that nothing can happen which can make you even for a moment hate instead of loving, or cease to look upon everything with the eye of all-embracing Truth.

Love and Reason must not be in opposition to each other, otherwise wisdom may be absent. Wisdom in pure action and is outward going, never relying on external things or external reaction.

To love, to feel love there must first be Love of the single individual, through that is not pure or balanced Love. But to arrive at that perfect balanced poised Love, without fear or struggle, you must go through this attachment to the individual, with its limitation and sorrow and struggles and so on; through these experiences growth is attained.

Growth comes naturally when the Presence makes itself felt, then that Love that has its roots in eternity will be present. The most practical person in the world is the one who has discovered the true values of all things (that discovery is illumination). Like as eagle poised on a delicate branch, it can fly high or fly low, it is poised always ready for action without struggle.

Those who live from their own separate centre think they live, but the time comes sooner or later, when they find that the struggle is too great, so they try to find a means of escape. There is no escape except through true discernment of the cause of struggle, and the cause is separation. This separation can only be removed by the Presence of the Wholeness which is real.

I told you before you can not make an image of the Presence, for it is Infinite in nature. It is what it is, Itself - Love, Wisdom and Healing.

Mental theories are of no fundamental importance for the mind forms and accepts the theories that support the belief of the being. But the knowledge that there is a Supreme Existence, Consciousness and Bliss, which is not merely a negative existence or a static or featureless Absolute, but dynamic, complete and encompassing all, establishes the Presence.

With this awareness of a Divine Consciousness that can be realized not only beyond but here, the acceptance of the Divine Presence is the foundation for your great work in the world today, with those who have been called to help. The Healing Power which is developing at the Sanctuary, at home and at the class lectures is being used by the Spiritual Forces operation all over the world. We are more than please with the results. The personal efforts made by all of you has been transformed progressively into a movement of the Divine Force. Become more conscious of the Divine Presence and it will govern your efforts. Much has been done and much remains to be done. The Blessing of the Angel of Light surrounds you all in your work of the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.


The Voice of Thy Wisdom is roaming through the ether searching in minds and hearts for a resting place.

Oh, Divine Broadcaster, we are receiving Thy Love and Wisdom. Our Divine Radios are tuned in to Thee, with the result that many are hearing the Music of Thy Love and Harmony.

Souls smothered beneath indifference, touch them with a sense of perception so that they may also hear the magic song of Thy Presence - Love, Wisdom and Healing.