"The future ain't what it used to be."

With regards to timestream changes...


Temporal Novice
It's my first time on the board, but an interesting thought came to me while I was outside smoking a cigarrette and contemplating the effects (or rather one's own immediate experience/perception) when a temporal anomaly or other event causes a change within a timestream>timeline>timespan.

I was pondering, if our own timeline was changed how would we know? Obviously we wouldn't be able to if our own realities, past & present were changed. We'd have memories of all previous events... But those would be new memories, precieved as always being.

But, a quick search using the search engine on this board (for this forum) for the term "DejaVu" didn't turn up any results. I always thought of this phenomena as a short-lived mental feedback loop. Perhaps the 5 sences stored the same information twice causing the sence/feeling. But now i'm not too sure. It's actually a quite interesting thought.

Could DejaVu be a result of changes within' your applicable timeline? Perhaps a ripple effect of another "you" from a different reality... Some sort of "phasing" phenomena?

Time is an interesting subject... it can be linear, looped, non linear, or even thought up in other ways (3D & 4D). This last paragraph is a bit non sequitur, but I've always thought of time as a globe, time being equal to place, no beggining, no end, or perhaps even a ball of yarn. Then again I've always had an odd non-linear way of thinking.
But maybe sometimes it benifits to be able to have multiple POVs? *shrug*

But back to the topic of DejaVu, what are your thoughts on this phenomena if any?

I've had two timeline "change days" in my life – one in May, 2001 and another in January of this year. In March, 2001 John Titor offered to deliver emails to alternate versions of ourselves in either 1998 or 2036. I took it on as a fun thought experiment and sent an encrypted email containing pictures, financial information and a very long letter with instructions to forward it to 1998. John left the online boards and nothing happened at first. Then, a few weeks later, I had multiple powerful deja vus. After having the deja vus, I noticed things around me had changed - buildings that weren't there just hours before were suddenly there, logos on signs were different, television shows changed, etc. I was the only one who noticed the differences. At least 7 other people had similar experiences after sending letters to Titor.

When I had the first round of deja vus and other strange experiences two and a half years ago, I was bewildered by what was happening. When the powerful deja vus hit me again in January, I knew exactly what it was. They aren't your everyday type deja vus. It's a distinct experience that couldn't be mistaken for something else.

Unfortunately, I have no proof of the altered timeline - only my memories. I also don’t understand the reason for the specific changes I experienced nor do I understand the reason for having a second experience in January. A person calling himself Ardon Krep was apparently in Germany at that time and he claimed to be a friend of John Titor and himself from the year 2045. I don't believe my experiences prove Titor or Krep were necessarily time-travelers. Those emails could have been intercepted by someone who really does have the ability to travel in time or at least send information to the past. It’s a mystery.

Perhaps all deja vus are some perception of changes in the timeline. Maybe they get stronger when you are closer to the actual cause of the changes. The implications of my experiences fascinate and frighten me at the same time.