"The future ain't what it used to be."


You always want to be number one!!

So i will be number two!!

Whos on first?
Whos on second? no whos on first!! yes
Friends Of EarthTR125.0121

Well maybe not a party on 2036 but definetely will have the chance to read first a story I am preparing. I named it Temporal Solutions. It is a short story about this man who suddenly wakes up from a five year comma. As he returns to his normal life he soon discovers that not only five years went by him really fast, but also went by in the wrong direction. As he is faced again and again with things he didn't remember happen the way others did, he starts looking for an explanation and then realizes the worst, he is stuck in a parallel world, a really obscure alternate world. The only alternate Earth that would claim the life of a dying man.

I hope you like it, it will be here by next monday.

Until later becomes now.
Left field is why, pitcher is tommorrow, catcher is today, because is right field, and I don't give a darn is center field.
hi transient

sounds interesting!why wait put it on now, i once was talkking to a lady in northallerton who told me a really interesting story it went thus:

She lived in a three bed semi in northallerton as you went in the front door you could see thru the hall way to the back doorstairs to the left as you went in fron t door and immediately right of stairs the living room,

we she was hoovering up one day when she saw a man appear on the stairs dressed in 1970s clothes, he appeared from the legs up as he came down the stairs, when fully visible he looked at the lady in the hallwaqy screamed and went back upstairs while at the same time the lady also creamed and ran in to the kitchen, there was no one in the house except the lady as she started hoovering and both front and back doors were locked . on investigation at later date by myself i found that no other houses had ever been built on the site since or before her house was built around 1970.

this is a true story and as the lady was telling me it she was so distraught she started crying as it had so upset her.
as a synopsis i suggest this was a classic sideways timeslip.