worm holes

They're tunnels through folded space. In theory, you could travel almost anywhere in a few minutes. And if you can control em, you could time travel. But not before the creation of the wormhole.

I don't know how the guys here plan to make one. Every book I read on the subject says the wormhole will collapse on you after you enter it. It would be required to hold the wormhole open with 'exotic matter', matter which consists of negative mass.

Now that I'm on the subject of wormholes, I've heard some people say that time dilation isn't time travel. Well what if you connected a wormhole, say, one end on earth and the other on a spaceship going near the speed of light.

You'd be able to travel through the wormhole to the future, and than back again. Isn't this time travel?
No. You can't go backwards by going forward at a slower rate (time dilation). Going forward, just how would you expect to get to the future BEFORE any one else, and once there........ (see previous sentence).
]No. You can't go backwards by going forward at a slower rate (time dilation). Going
forward, just how would you expect to get to the future BEFORE any one else, and once there........ (see previous sentence).<[P>Like this: You connect a wormhole between the earth and an automated spaceship, and send the spaceship off at time dilated speeds. Soon, depending on it's speed, the ship could be thousands of years in the future, (Relative to everyone else.)

However, the wormhole still connects the future with the moment the wormhole was activated and after.

So you could go to the future before everyone else (Since the spaceship is automated) And you can come back to the present.
Excuse me but I think that no one here seems to have a proper understanding of relativity. Time is every where and it is relative but once in the future the past worm hole is no longer conected. What college did you guys go to?
Well excuse ME, but it's not like that wormhole time machine was my idea. It was the idea of a japanese professor of a well respected university, which he based on the Casmir Effect. Why don't you ask HIM what college he went too. A good scientist, ecspecialy one who wants to have his theory on time travel published like you do, should be aware of the works of others.
Excuse me but that was not his exact theory. His theory involves moving away and moving towards a worm hole.

P.S. I want my theory on TIME published.

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You're thinking of some other theory. I know exactly what his theory was. You might see it again on the discovery channel. It was part of a special called future fantastic.
Your space ship pulling the worm hole thread through spacetime will be observed by the home base to travel at speed c. It can time dilate 1000 years into the future but the stationary observer will have to wait, you guessed it, 1000 years for that to happen.

Now if you want to drop a billion ton cylinder of antimatter into black hole to create a worm hole and check for time anomilies, go ahead. I'll bring pizza.
You are mistaken, dumping anti matter into a black hole will not make a worm hole. One must get concentrated negative energy to make a worm hole. However the rest of what you said I agree with.
Your debates on wormholes are if nothing else interesting. As wormholes only exsist in theory therefore your theories on using wormholes to travel through time will remain theories. CConcentrate on what you know to be real and not what might exsist somwhere in the universe. Time travel is not moveing from point a to be at speeds aproaching the speed of light it is moveing from one point in time to another in an instant. This cannot be acheved by reaching speeds exceding light speed. You will only travel from one point to another (a set distance) in a given time, whether it be 30 miles an hour or 186000 miles per second.
Why do so many people not understand the idea of using wormholes and time dilation to time travel? Sure, you can only travel back to after the creation of the device, but it's still pretty good. It's similar to the idea that if a twin goes on a fast-moving spacecraft, he'll age less than his twin on earth. If the two ends of the wormhole are linked, but one is time-dilated, you would get time travel effects each time you stepped through one and out the other. To make a time machine, just bring the ends close together, and you can go back and forth in time at will.
what would happen if both ends of the worm hole where to touch. Would it be drawn into itself and colaps or something more drastic.
Maybe a new, small universe would be created, 'pinched' off from us. I'm picturing the 2-D representation of a wormhole, and what would happen to it if the ends met... a toroidal bit of space breaking off?