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Say you had a wormhole, with both ends near you. Each end connects through a 'fold' or 'tube' in space-time to the other end. Modern physics says one would need negative energy or matter to hold it open; for the sake of argument let's say we have it and the wormhole works, without closing upon use.

If one end is accelerated relative to the other, in the manner of the twin 'paradox', and brought back to its previous position, a 'common sense' application of relativity tells us that the travelling end would have experienced less time than the stationary, and thus by going through one end to the other, one could travel backward or forward in time, depending on which end you entered.

Would this actually work? I don't know, I haven't seen the math. There are a lot of potential problems - might the connection between the ends snap, with the stress of relative movement? Would the time-dilation effect actually apply to something connecting two points in spacetime? And how would we get the negmatter?
I heard of something similar to this. One problem would be if the time dilated end accidently 'passed' the year you wanted to go to. You'd have to start a whole new WH.
Math aside, would'nt this be like trying to bend a tornado into a horse shoe? Would it begin to swallow it's own tail? Also This is very much like a paradox I heard; A rocket enters a horse shoe wormhole and flies out just before it entered. It has a head on collision with itself, preventing it from entering in the first place. Who hit it?
Anybody dumb enough to fly down a wormhole would make this world a better place by being elsewhere.
No, they call me Hole for short. And I'm sick of hearing about wormholes from people who have and never will see one, nor have any idea in the world what they are talking about. Or even if such a thing exists or can exist. This from folks who probably do not have the where-with-all nor the moxie to build a decent flashlight.

Now you decide an I a narc or a TT hobbyist?
Hey Hole,
how ya doing? sound a little angry there.
Are we invading on some sorta secret turf? hehehe.

moxie means vigor,courage or agressiveness,or nerve. why would you need that to build a flashlight?
you might need that to walk through a wormhole though...especially your first time.
well, unless someone is chasing you, then all you need is fear. hehe.
You don't even know any of us to make such assumptions.
We are only talking theories here anyway.
maybe you can enlighten us on some of your theories you have yourself about wormholes.
And why you are so against them, and their uses since you are an activist in that area.

P.S. If someone did fly down a wormhole they WOULD be elsewhere.

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Yes, I have a theory concerning wormholes. If you can rent CERN for a month or two, complete with all their personel maybe you could make a tiney wormhole for a few picoseconds. And maybe we could convince NASA to orbit the Queen Mary for us. So why not have a serious BS session about that instead? Get the point? There is no point. So why waste the space?

Don't confuse bluntness with anger.
Hole, I think some thing flew up your wormhole. If this site is so distasteful to you then find one you like better and allow us to enjoy conjecture and fantasy and conversation.
Anti-wormhole-BS activist:
could you please non-bluntly explain your theory on how you would make this worm hole and keep it open or are you just relying on the scientists at CERN to figure that out for you?
Do you have any ideas of your own?
Or if you don't like the whole wormhole idea at all do you favor another idea on how to time travel? any other ideas dealing with particle accelerators? etc.
you did not explain your theory at all.

p.s does the B.S on your new name mean Bluntly Spoken? heheh

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Look, Hole, lots of great technological advances in history started off being hugely expensive and impractical. Look at computers - think of the impossibly large investment it would have taken fifty years ago to create something half as powerful as the piece of junk I'm typing on right now.

My point is, if we can create a wormhole, even for a pico- or femto-second, then maybe that can lead to other discoveries later on. It wouldn't be useless. Launching the Queen Mary would. (Unless you planned to use it as a space hotel... hmmm...)

And like I said, wormholes could exist, even stably, if we had negative matter. Which is theoretically possible.

"`You'd better be prepared for the jump into hyperspace. It's unpleasantly
like being drunk.'
`What's so unpleasant about being drunk?'
`You ask a glass of water.'"
-Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Just a minute guys, lemme check out back and see if I have any of that negative matter left over. If I can russel up a batch I'll be sure to send it on to you so you can make your beloved wormholes. Trust me I don't need this stuff any more as I plan to retire from the wormhole business. Hold on, I'll be right back..................................
Hole-Does this mean you won't be explaining your theory?

I really did want to hear what you had to say about it.
The feelings I pick up on though is you think wormholes are too dangerous for people to go into. you have studied alot about wormholes and maybe are even a scientist.
Hows come you won't share with us? we are all here to learn. atleast I am. I would like to hear why you are so against them.
or why you think people would not survive flying down one. and if you are thinking the only way anyone can make one is to have all the equipement that CERN has so talking about it is a waste of time can you atleast talk to us on how you think they would go about making one? or some ways in which you feel one could be constructed? you are right maybe we don't know alot about wormholes -maybe you do.....care to share with us?

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Oh, you want a starship drive? Need antimatter? Oh, lemme check if I have any out back... sorry. Antimatter must not exist.

What kind of logic is that? Negmatter might exist. 100 years ago, we didn't know that antimatter existed. And now, we can create it in large enough quantities to create the odd H atom. Why not the same for negmatter? Sure, it's different stuff, but maybe it's only one technological advance away.

If you do have 'superior knowledge', then give us an example of it. Don't just barge in like God's gift to message boards.
Jeez can't a guy leave a discussion around here? It 's like the more I insist that wormholes arn't worth talking about the more you want to hear. And no I'm not hiding a batch of cosmic secrets just inches from your sweaty little palms. GOOOODBYE!~