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Wormholes are very interesting to me. I was just wondering what other people thought about them, and if so would you like to start a discusion about them.
worm holes are actually the only proof of the flexability of the universe, they are folds in the fabric of space that for some unknown reason(maybe because of huge magnetic surges not sure though)allow movemet between folded space.
Wormholes are theoretical physics abstractions imagined by physicists as an interesting result of current theories of the Universe. Theoretically, by sufficiently bending spacetime, one could join up two widely separated points by "folding" space between them, thus creating a link or wormhole between the two points. The difficulty is that these pathways require exotic forms of matter to keep them open with reasonable dimensions; ie matter with negative mass. Without neg-matter, a stable wormhole of usable size cannot be maintained.

Nothing to do with electromagnetism.