Would Time Travel Create Chaos?


Temporal Novice
If time travel were ever discovered, wouldn't it disprove every religion ever created? Without there "GOD" and their belief of life after death, wouldn't it create extreme chaos? Why would anyone care about morals or others when they have no benefit to reap from it. Their world has yet to see what violence is until science can take away everything they believe in and exploit.
Why would it disprove anything. It might just bring things into focus. And if time travel is possible, it doesn't mean there isn't a God. Most ideas of God encompass all that is and isn't. Time certainly fits in there.

I would just like to jump in here about the subject of there being a "GOD".

We must be aware that there always has to be a higher level of intelligence than us, an upper lever, conscious plane, etc.

If there wasn't, we simply couldn't exist, we have to be controlled by or at least have a higher knowledge to "exist" into.

"Omnia Vincit Amor"

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time travel does NOT cause chaos. That is hollywood and ignorance. to put it in the most basic of terms..... its not so much "time travel". it is "interdimentional conciousness" THE MOVIE "SOMEWHERE IN TIME"

IS AN EXAMPLE. TO UNDERSTAND what you call time travel, you must first understand the mind, look to your dreams, most of you are "TIME TRAVELING" EVERY NIGHT. YOU EITHER DONT KNOW IT OR DONT REMEMBER.

I am not trying to be ignorant in any way and I am asking this with all good intention. What does GOD have to do with Time Travel? Who is "they"? What would Time Travel disprove? In my opinion (and you know what they say about those)cloning is much mor REAL at the moment and is far more dangerous to the religious establishment I'm not religious (but not closed to the possibility either) but if I were GOD fearing ,cloning would be a much more vile attack on what I belived.
Quite frankly, God is a theory or a belief... there is no proof. There is no more proof of there being a God than there is of time travel.
How would discovering the 'how' of time travel prove 'God' does not exist?
Maybe, go back to biblical times and find a bunch of guys playing with sheep? And find that the Bible is a bunch of crud?
I don't think even God himself could convince his followers he doesn't exist. People are so depented on their religions it is kind of silly. I am leading to the answer "no, time travel will not cause religious caos" but, i think i will go with the safe answer:
"I don't know?"

I noticed something recently calle the string theory which in science is very new and argues something very interesting. It connects past theories in physics to a new idea of human consciousness. Something like there are more dimensions than 3 and the one of time, and if so then time and space are actually just like illusions. If this is so than it could be that time is something that can be traversed and that for the majority of people it and space are illusions that GOD himself may have created for us.