Would you be able to visit yourself?


Temporal Novice
Would you be able to visit your past or future self? I mean if your taking yourself out of time how would you then exsist in the future? The past maybe because it has already happend.

another thing, some say that time for people would have to stop if you were to travel back in time, but I think that it would simply seem to them an ambigious memory where they do not know where you went but if there were to be interaction with them while you travel to the past it would be created into a memory of you while they exsist in the present? ( I could be wrong )
first, how would you travel through time? second, to visit yourself, you would already know what you were going to say, because it happened in the past. so you wouldnt visit yourself, but then you would want to since you didnt. but then you would, so you wouldnt want to...

Anyway, assume that you do. what prevents you from visiting yourself as you are today? Just write a note down. You will know if time travel is possible instantly, because if the note survives, and time travel becomes posssible, a future version of you will pop out RIGHT NOW!!!
Thats the great thing about time travel, instant results. However, if time travel is not possible, you wont appear and you will know it was all for nothing. but another possibility remains. Say you throw away the note because you didnt get an instant result. By throwing away the note you stop whatever the chain of events was going to create, and therefore you wouldnt pop out anyway!

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No, you can't go back and meet yourself(you could, but really not recommended, as it results in death). If you go back in time, and come face to face with yourself, that's a paradox. And paradox's can't exist, so the universe remedies the problem--get rid of one of them.
But which one? Your past self is supposed to be there(in that particular moment in time), and your future self isn't. So the universe destroys your future self, because you aren't supposed to be there. Your past self grows older, and if you go back in time as your future self, you die, just like you did in the past. So unless you change what happens, you will die(this results in alternate timelines, one in which you did go back and you die, and the other you don't go back and you live-but in both cases, you were visited by your future self).