"The future ain't what it used to be."

Year 3001



Pi times Infinity
We can communicate with the future I think our technology becomes so evolved that we create our own existence in the first place it is a paradox but it works we create our past and the future is open ended. what was before and after our existence I believe the universe was always here there was no big bang just unlimited space as for time travel it is not only possible but probable at least communication with a time ripple in the future I have read about experiments where light comes out before it even enters what if you construct a device tuned into the year 3001 you would have unlimited alternate realities every bit of information recieved would cause a eveloution in the time line
to communicate to the future you need a time capsle this message could reach the year 3001 with quantum computers and nano technology and the ability to split nothing into matter and anti matter it wouldn't be technology any more it would be more like a vast dream world like our star the sun powered by simple hydogen I think maybe it is conscience and it is connected with all the other stars all other matter came from stars so we maybe
just a star dust dream imagine all the alternate realities where the sun is constant in just a giant super quantum computer input hydrogen output us [email protected]
One other thing necessary to communicate with the future is punctuation. That is possibly the hardest thing to read. Thank you for the headache.

btw... What does PI x inf. have to do with anything in your post?

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