Jules Verne Train

The Jules Verne Train, also known as the “Time Train,” was the culmination of Dr. Emmett Brown’s previous experience with building the DeLorean time machine and working with the steam locomotive that pushed it to 88 miles per hour.

The Time Train was a time machine that ran on steam rather than gasoline, and it took him ten years to build between 1885 to 1895. Doc and his family traveled to 2015 or later to give it a hover conversion after it passed its first temporal displacement test.

The flux capacitor remained in this design, replacing the lamp at the front of the locomotive. Unlike the DeLorean, the Time Train’s external components were symmetrical on both sides of the vehicle, possibly indicating a more sophisticated understanding of time travel technology on Doc’s part, despite being made of more primitive materials.

When Doc met Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker on October 27, 1985, he chose the most likely location for them to be at the time, the site of the DeLorean’s destruction. Surprisingly, before the Time Train appeared, it activated the bells and gates on the nearby railroad crossing, as if another train was approaching. This could imply that this time machine is so powerful that it allows a connection with its destination time even before arriving there.

Although the events of Back to the Future Part III take place in 1885, the locomotive that propelled the DeLorean to 88 mph was a Rogers 4-6-0 mixed traffic engine built in 1897. The Time Train is a locomotive similar to the one that propelled the DeLorean to 88 mph in 1885. The two trains, however, could not be the same locomotive due to the explosion that destroyed the first train, leaving only a small portion of it on the valley floor. The time train had to be built from another train, either purchased by Doc or stolen by him; the former is more likely, because the Brown family’s upper-class clothing indicated he had become wealthy enough to purchase a locomotive of that type.