Emmet L. Brown

Dr. Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown is a resident of Hill Valley, California, and the DeLorean time machine inventor. Brown is the world’s third time traveler (after Einstein and Marty McFly), the second to travel forwards in time (after Einstein), the first human to travel forwards in time, and the second human to travel through time (after Marty).

Doc Brown Action Figure

Ultimate Doc Brown is based on his 1955 appearance in Back to the Future with 2 interchangeable heads with different expressions. To help Marty get back to 1985, Doc Brown also comes with a wrench, a drawing of the flux capacitor, interchangeable hands, a blueprint of his house, and a letter from Marty! Comes in window box packaging.

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Doc was a “student of all sciences” who spent much of his time inventing. He was the son of Judge Erhardt Brown, and he usually keeps a pet dog. In 1955, his dog was named Copernicus, after Nicolaus Copernicus, and by 1985 his dog was named Einstein after Albert Einstein.