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I thought this was a great family movie with enough "weirdness" to keep the adults interested. I watched the original cartoon growing up, but it was still a little before my time (I had Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future).

The story is fun and the comedy is on-point for watching it with the kids. Plenty of good humor and great jokes. Definitely something to share with your kids, or put on for yourself if you remember :)
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This is a great movie I enjoyed it,they should of made a sequel
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I don't think they can top it,would be great to see if Cooper and tars made it to brand and plan b base.
I have never seen Inception. Is it a good movie?
Yes, I think it's a great movie, on par with Interstellar.

It's unlike anything else I've seen before and since then. It has a lot of unique ideas that are very well executed.

If you liked Interstellar, you're very likely to like Inception.
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They'll find a way eventually.
A breath of fresh air
  • Magic with rules behind it
  • Outstanding worldbuilding
  • Interesting use of magic and societal implications
I've read the entire Mistborn series (all eras) and this one is still my favorite. The introduction, explanation and use of Allomancy is exceptionally well done. The story itself and the twists it takes near the end had me hooked and I absorbed this much too quickly. It is 100 percent worth your time, and I had visions of Yoda training Luke during some of the scenes with Vin and Keiser. Highly recommended.
Lots of cool time travel in this show with high production value. Basically a long movie in parts!
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I watched this upon @Cosmo's recommendation in the twitch stream. It's a pretty cool story and has been adapted to the stage at least once. Kind of an underground, mind bending story with a screenplay by a guy who wrote for shows like Star Trek and Twilight Zone. It ends up borrowing from some various literary origin theories (many of which I'm sure hold water to some degree) and forms them into an interesting fictional account with some twists along the way, bolstered with anthropological history.

While I found the screenplay's dialogue wanting for some polish and further craft at times, the movie really shows how strength of concept and story outweigh visuals in film. Expect no effects and hardly any sets! As someone interested in the origins of humanity, religion, culture, and the fantastic, I know that this one will be sticking in my mind. Recommended!
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Thank You for the review, I will check it out!

I use Amazon Prime Video.

Speaking of which,
it bears mentioning about a show I became addicted to called OUTER RANGE on Amazon Prime.

It's about a Wyoming Rancher who finds something quite bizarre on the furthest acreage of his land,
a Really Big, Perfectly Circular Hole in the ground.

It's slow paced at times but if you like strangeness.....It's worth it.