"The future ain't what it used to be."

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  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    I've tested several solutions and have decided on a way forward for the search engine bit. Stay tuned!
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  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    Alright I got something good going! You can also click on an entry to get a text preview of what's there: This is a TEMPORARY setup while I...
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  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    The name rings a bell, but I don't really even remember this site. Weird. I'm not even sure who owned it... I will remember at the next...
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What do you think the "secret song" was?

John Titor and Pamela agreed on the name of a song as means to verify identify later in the future, I have fun imagining it's something ridiculous like The Monster Mash, but I'm curious what you think it'd be.

Not looking for serious answers (unless you actually know), just having fun.
You will one day see who John titors grandfather is and will be again.. John titor has Solomon’s key to resurrection
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"Hacking to the Gate" came into mind, its the intro to an anime that revolves a lot of his plot around John Titor.
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I often thought that "Time is on my Side" might be the song.

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  • JTManual08.jpg
    #1 Cooling Fan
    #2 Propane Storage #1
    #3 LPG Fuel Cell Courtesy of (Samsung)
    #4 Unit Storage Locker
    #5 Cesium Clock
    #6 Data coupling for Cesium Clock
    #7 Correlating systems unit per Cesium Clock
    #8 Electron Injector
    #9 Singularity #0
    #10 Emergency disconnect for Singularity #0
    #11 Firewall...